Post up your custom fuel pump/filtration setups....

Discussion in '6.9L IH & 7.3L IDI Diesels' started by Kevo1288, Oct 29, 2018.

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    This is what I run on the passenger side frame rail, after a valve isolated waterblock filter. Went through all of the pump/filter trauma several years ago. I run a 2nd waterblock filter at the regular filter location and tap off of the line to the IP to a hood mounted mechanical fuel pressure gauge so I can spot shenanigans while they are still in their infancy. The pump is guaranteed for 18,000 hours if a filter is installed in front of it. Never been able to draw it down below 6 PSI at full throttle. I'm surprised more folks don't use them..

    Walbro FRB-13 Industrial & Marine Fuel Pump

    minimum of 43 GPH @ 6-8 PSI
    cleanable, replaceable internal filter
    cycles on and off based on demand.
    Low Current Draw
    Reverse-Polarity Protected 60 minutes
    Self-Priming (Dry Lift) of more than 48"
    Dry Run to Four Hours
    Compatible With All Commercially-Available Pump-Grade Gasoline, Gasohol, Diesel, or Bio-Diesel
    Operating Temperature from -40° to 155° Farenheit (-40° to 70° Celcius)
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    I got the filter off the engine years ago. Click on the link below. Then click the first PIC to open the album. You may need to click the open pic to get a description. There are arrows on the edge of the pic that sometimes hide and you need to hover the edge of the pic for them to appear. Scroll thru to the tenth pic. There is some fuel pump info.
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    @Crawler arebyou using rubber line from the tanks fowards? I was considering doing that but someone told me it was a bad idea? I think I’ve been getting random bits of air intrusion somewhere in the lines but never have tracked it down because for the most part it never seems to affect anything
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    The rear tank has the factory connectors on it and the factory metal lines between the tank and the FSV. The quick connects and nylon lines were removed between the metal line and the FSV.

    The front tank has gates barricade hose from the tank to the FSV.

    Then Gates from the FSV to the Carter pump. After the carter pump there is about a foot of Gates until it ties back into the factory steel line that leads up to the engine compartment.

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