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Jul 27, 2015
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Bulverde, Texas

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Supporting Vendor, from Bulverde, Texas

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Blessed Mother of Acceleration Don't Fail Me Now! Apr 7, 2018

    1. rewbrooks50
      Due to no tubing on the river, l will not see you this week. Hopefully I will get a chance soon. I need more power.
    2. alexanderk
      I have a 93 f250 381000 original miles 7.3 L turbo diesel 5spd 4wheel drive looking for solid clutch , already have new solid flywheel.
      any suggestions. also do you have a recommendation on a specific coolant combined with the vc8? alexander 707 978 0784 [email protected]
    3. rewbrooks50
      What gear oil do you recommend on10.25 3L55 reared? I am replacing axle seals and flush.
    4. nhwrench01
      Wes, I bought a stock turbo kit from you for my idi n/a awhile ago. its working great(should have done that sooner, but...) was hoping you had a e4od dipstick for the swap. I'm adding a very deep trans pan/ bigger cooler and temp gauge. I have the tube, but cant find a dipstick anywhere.. or if you could let me know the length of one, with the cold/hot makes are I could cut my old one down .
      Thanks again. Dave
    5. 84 4x4
      84 4x4
      HI Wes, did you get the 8 injector cores and the 90cc pump that did not work? USPS shows delivery 04/18/2020.
      When can I get a pump that works and credit for the cores?
      I emailed but got no response....
      1. Thewespaul
        Hey Phil I sent you an email Tuesday, send me another email if it doesn’t show up I can resend it
        Apr 23, 2020
    6. jericho
      Hi Wes, I'm in a pinch for time, do you have a stock NA DB2 spec pump already rebuilt that could be shipped out? or if not how quickly. Thanks for your time.
    7. Oldfrogdiving
      Hi Wes I was curious, on your signature you say you have a D100 that your gonna IDI power? Man id love to hear about that I have a 71 W200, Any writeups on that D100 repower?
    8. notenuftime
      Hello, I recently purchased one of your GP harnesses. Does the harness need to be protected by plastic wiring covers or does the wrapping that's on it provide enough protection?
    9. Wheelhorsewilly
      I was told I should pm you for a part I am desperate to find. What exactly am I looking for? It threads into the tower in the lifter gallery, it looks and some references refer to it as pipe thread, but it needs to crush and seal the copper lip around the hole in the valley tray.
    10. firehonomichl
      Hey bud quick question for ya. I found an old 6.9 I think it’s in about an 85 ish truck it has a turbo on it would that kit bolt on to my 89 7.3?
    11. 84 4x4
      84 4x4
      Hi, looking to add an ATS to 84 6.9. Do you have a bolt on used kit? If so, how much? [email protected]
    12. BrassBandit
      Hi there, I was wondering if you could email me at [email protected] I'm looking to do a pump, turbo, and injectors and add an intercooler. Just wondering if you could put together a quote for me, I want to hit 300 rwhp or somewhere close
    13. Kizer
      Thank you for the reply to my Market Place post. You can reach me at [email protected] or 940-230-7592. I should be headed to Corpus pretty soon ... I'd like to stop by your shop.
    14. Kyle Blair
      Kyle Blair
      1994 f super duty with VIN number f, bought one flywheel conversion kit and it was wrong,Would you know somebody who has a used single Mass flywheel that will fit it and I just buy the clutch kit?If I could get the full conversion kit which kit do I need? On the back of the motor it has 10 holes, and they measure I want to say 3 and 3/4 center to center.
    15. ShakyJ31
      Hi Wes - I'm in Austin. 94 f250 IDIT. Having some rear end probs. Do you rebuild? I'm getting tired of mechanics who don't know much about working on this truck. Thanks - J
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    Bulverde, Texas


    2019 Texas IDI Roundup: HERE
    Wes, Owner of Classic Diesel Designs

    The CDD "Shop Truck" 1993 F250 IDIT, now $300 junkyard na engine, CDD 150cc DB2, arp head studs, 6.9 head gaskets with coolant port mods, 2wd ZF5, 3.55 10.25, Phoenix Friction Stage I clutch, 12.25" smf, CDD air to air intercooler kit, Ported Intake hat, CDD Coolant Filter, Champion 3 row Aluminum Radiator, Walbro GSL392, 10 row fuel cooler, stock BB injectors, 100 shot of nitrous, 10 GPH water meth injection, CDD wastegate delete plate 3" outlet and hood stack, Bilstein 4200 shocks, autometer Coolant Temp, Boost, Drive Pressure and Pyrometer, Front and rear kicker speakers, Pioneer Stereo, BOSS 600w amp and Orion 12" subwoofer. 14.8 sec ET @ 92 mph!

    CDD Race Truck
    rclb 1983 f250 2wd- Getting 7.4l IDIT, concrete filled block, dedicated drag truck
    1994 f350 cclb 7.3 IDIT E40D 2wd
    1991 F350 cclb 7.3 E40D 4x4
    1989 F-Superduty 7.3 IDI ZF5 Dana 80
    1990 F250 Lariat Explorer XLT
    Project Jerry
    1988 F250 Lariat Restoration in progress- Modern axles and suspension, Compound turbos...
    1997 F350 XL 7.3 E40D cclb work truck stock with 6637 mod
    1983 F250 XL 400m C6 parts truck, pm me for parts
    1963 D100 Power Wagon "The Green Bean" 1 ton chassis and regular dirt drag mods, will be getting an IDI someday to replace locked up small block Mopar

    Some of my techy threads:
    DB2 Tuning Guide
    Choosing a Turbo for your IDI: Turbo Components, Specs, and Compressor Maps.
    Choosing a Turbo for your IDI Part 2: Pressure Ratios, V.E, and Compounds.
    Removing your IDI Injectors