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Jan 17, 2019
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Hillsboro, Ore
Well the weather is warming and the snow has gone in Orygun for the most part. At least in my area for the next few days. The 02'94 7.3 idi T crewcab dually is in the process once more of a drive train installation with the Eaton e-Locker Dana 60 front axle and the Allison 6 speed along with a fresh engine. Sure hope the kid likes his inheritance.
I am enjoying spending his money on it. The rear diff already has the True-Track in it. This weeks project after a long time away from it was getting the Harbor Junk trans jack adjustment screws lubed up and moving again only to find out they were too hard to turn with the Allison on top of it. Break out the welder and glue on some sockets to fix that problem. I grew to appreciate the worn out new flop of the jack plate under the trans. I finally pulled the front seat, carpeting, tunnel cover and could get to the top of the trans.
That allowed me to fit a guide pin into the top hole and finally get the Alison bolted to the back of the engine. I won't say how long I fought it but the Trans jack is going to get reworked once it gets out from under the truck.
Tomorrow should be clean up the work area around the truck, which is parked under a 12X26 enclosed tent and then look at installing flex plate bolts. Somewhere in there comes the trans cross member, the transfer case and the front axle before it rains starting again next Monday.
This truck has been hanging on jack stands since last July and it's time to make it move real soon.
Buy another one? Not yet. I already have a supercab '86 4X4 F250 with the 6.9 and it really should go away.
Especially when this one gets going.

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