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Turbo Upgrades

Discussion in 'Classic Diesel Designs' started by Thewespaul, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Jul 27, 2015
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    Today I am very happy to announce a new round of products available from Classic Diesel Designs! After about a year of testing, I have worked to produce several options to upgrade the ATS line of idi turbos using newer gen Garrett wheels, and Gen 1 Precision Turbo Wheels, as well as standard rebuild services.

    Every rebuild gets a full 360* thrust bearing to replace the stock 270* thrust bearing, improved oil seals and a full dynamic balancing to maximize the longevity of your turbo. Every turbo is stripped down and coated with a high temp primer to prevent any corrosion on the cartridge, exhaust housing, and wastegate and also comes with an installation kit that includes: MLS t3 flange gasket, OEM valley pan grommet, oil drain and feed gaskets/o-rings and an OEM intake hat gasket, as well as instruction sheet with the specifications for your turbo, and step by step guide for pre-lubing and first start up of your new IDI turbo.

    Optional turbo upgrades include porting, ceramic coating, custom hot and cold wheel upgrades and housing upgrades. I will work with you to help match a wheel and housing combo to work best with your fuel/engine setup and budget, my most popular combo being the billet T04S (60-1)/T350 (Stage 5). This will upgrade your cold wheel from a 58/70mm to a 59/76mm and takes the hotside wheel from a 11 blade 64/56mm to a 71/62mm 10 blade wheel. This turbo setup is rated for 74 lbs min, a major improvement from the 53 lbs min factory turbo/ 093 turbo while retaining a completely bolt-on configuration, and maximising the machinable area in the stock housing to keep costs down.


    Larger compressor wheels require a T04S/T04R compressor housing and backing plate. This opens up several AR options to better suit high or low rpm performance, and creates room for up to 67/84mm wheel. The exhaust housing can be machined for the t4 P-trim wheel which is 64/74mm which favors top end power over the t350 wheel, while still bolting up to all factory hardware, and retaining the internal wastegate.

    In the theme of maximising the stock components, porting and ceramic coating are available to improve the performance of these turbos at any power level. Ceramic coating provides a heat insulating layer that helps improve spool time, keep heat out of the cab and engine bay, and improves the look of your turbocharger with a coating available in black, silver, green or gunmetal that will outlast the lifetime of your turbo. Porting smooths out the exhaust flow and will improve the performance of your wastegate at higher boost levels.

    I look forward to working with everyone on these turbo builds to help get the most out of our idis, feel free to ask away here with any questions, or shoot me a pm! I will be doing a 10% sale on all turbo rebuilds, now through "Cyber Monday" keep in mind that this sale CAN be compounded with my 10% military/emergency services discount as well!


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