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In a pickle with a 6.0 swap

Discussion in 'Gasoline Engines' started by 1mouse3, Apr 27, 2021.

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    Nov 28, 2013
    Got a friend that has a 08 silverado 1500 with a 4l60e, this truck had a afm 5.3 that was poorly swaped to a 6.0. Well a new dipstick tube was never acquired for it and was driven randomly adding oil, in the end a good remain engine was destroyed. Had him find a 6.0 for same year but got one for a 03, so have been battling stuff being different along with frozen exhaust to get the old out. I got the engine in and was going through the spaghetti mess of a harness to find there is different cam crank sensor, I find its 58x/4x crank/cam old and 24x/1x crank cam new. The crank in the old is toast with 2 spun rod bearings and cam is unknow, cam is 1 bolt gear old and new is more. The pcm was not programed with the afm board hanging out in the grill and obdII dongle to fix somthing with the swap, there have been random missfire gremlins plaguing this swap. So its too the point of pulling this engine back out to try and change this 24x ring to the 58x ring, or to sort out the harness and pcm to use 24x/1x.


    In searching around not finding really anything on going from a gen IV to gen III engine. Do see can get a DBW harness for this engine but is for the older body and not the one Im dealing with, do also see a e40 pcm is ment for this combo. Has anyone here messed with any this and have any bones they can throw my way?

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