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Apr 17, 2021 at 1:23 PM
May 8, 2007
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Marine Engineer & Electrician

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bilge rat, from PNW

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Apr 17, 2021 at 1:23 PM
    1. u2slow
      Its unusual for stuff over here to be rust-free... mind you, not nearly as bad as what I saw in Cape Breton.

      Salt is used on the roads, but we only have a few weeks of salting at the most each year. The rest of the time its not freezing, so everythings wet. I'm right by the ocean too. Rust in the greater vancouver area is about the same, so the sea air isn't as much a factor. We don't have acid ran to speak of. The weather systems don't cross much land before getting to me off the Pacific.
    2. Goofyexponent
      I got to ask...you seen the rust we got out here on the east coast, right......what's it like out there on the west coast? I just bought a truck that originated out there, and wasn't winter driven here yet....so no rust on it at all!
    3. Goofyexponent
      Wait a minute dude, I was just googling trucking parts places in Sydney....and you guys have a Parts For Trucks shop there.

      517 Keltic Drive
      B1R 2K2
      Phone: 902-564-9333
      Toll Free: 1 800 565 0466
      Fax: 902 564 4421

      Once you get a price from them on something, shop around and see how it compares, but usually they are pretty good!! I buy my oil, filters and other parts from them...what I can't get there...Canadian tire, or smaller auto parts chains.
    4. Goofyexponent
      I am not too sure on the sheet metal....is it a body parts line?

      I would stick with Napa....however, I was told by my Napa store guy (strawberry hill in Halifax) that US part numbers differ greatly from our part numbers. I took a part number in from the water filter thread in the tech articles....and he looked at me like I was a Saudi Arabian trying to buy a pilot's license. lol.

      If you are looking for sheet metal body panels, I got a SWEET line on them....Pro Body Parts. Ask for Aaron Reed.....and tell his Chris, the Ford guy, sent you.....he will knwo who I am right away lol.
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    Marine Engineer & Electrician
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    I'm Kevin...

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    93 W250 Club, 6BTA/5spd/D80 swap/3.54 Lockright, 5x.012 sticks, HX35, 4" lift & 35's
    90 D250 6BT/5spd/3.54 Lockright, 33's.
    84 D250 Ramcharger 6BT/5spd/D70/3.07 powr-lok... (project in progress)
    Other diesels from years gone by...
    95 F350 Crew, 97 E350, 93 F350 turbo, 88/90 F250, 84 Suburban