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    Srw flatbed

    I found an old home-made 7x9' and reworked it to mount on my dodge. (Headache rack needs work still. ) My buddy built his to the width of the cab, and 8.5' long. Both of us mounted as low as possible, and used the factory bed bolt locations into the frame.
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    16x8 or 16x10 8x6.5 wheels

    I don't suggest the 285 on the 10". I like my 16x7's for those. The 8" is a nice size - fits both width tires quite well.
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    $70 motorcraft starter?

    In general, direct-drive tend to draw the highest amps. I try for gear reduction whenever possible. That said, I don't have IDI's any more.
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    Realistic "B50" rating for a 7.8L New Holland Brazil?

    Yes, that's my feeling on them. A buddy of mine drove truck at a cheese wholesaler years ago where they ran a few ford CF cabovers with those engines. Also my local marina has a f700 with one. They seem to take the miles.
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    Pinion leak just started

    I would get a solid pinion spacer in advance. No guesswork on tightening the nut. That lets you fully torque it to spec without further sleeve crushing. Pre-loading used bearings isn't what you want to do.
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    Realistic "B50" rating for a 7.8L New Holland Brazil?

    I regard them as durable as the cummins 6BT/6CT. IMHO, some of the support and parts market has fallen off because ford dropped them around 93... nearly 30 years ago now. Find the same ford MDT you're describing in 94+ and its a cummins in most cases.
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    86 bed bolts

    On my 95 I installed generic carriage bolts, with washers as needed.
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    How much low end boost?

    Low-end boost is difficult to tune for with the stanadyne pump. It's not a Bosch with an AFC device. You basically have to size the turbo for the top rpm/fuel-rate and get-what-you-get on the lower end. A wastegated turbo does help some, but what you gain in responsiveness is a burden at high...
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    Dodge motorhome conversion choices.

    I would try my darndest to get a non-ic 6BT in there. Cheaper than the 4BT and the D250/350 donor will have all the complementary pieces.
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    Dana 60 turn radius

    Compare the lengths of the Pitman arm.
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    Gathering information about converting a 1986 F-150 to a Cummins 3BT

    I think you mean the Cummins 3.9L 4BT. There were a number of parcel/delivery type vans based on Ford and GM chassis that featured this engine in the early 90's. The Chevy version is more common, but I have read there were some Ford ones - with a ZF5 even. Lots of different swaps discussed...
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    Who runs WMO on 7.3 psd?

    I did for a bit, and didnt like what i found for residues in the fuel bowl and fuel pump later. Probably worse in the tank. One big issue (in hindsight) was I blindly took other people's wmo; not strictly my own controlled collections. If i was going to try again, it would be with a...
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    99-00 4.10 rear end transplant in my '86?

    The van disc brakes can be swapped onto your old diff if you do the work... One hub swap i've read that works is with the dually diffs. The pickup Dana 80 (99-04) and the van Dana 70 (99+) can swap hubs to change wheel patterns.
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    driveshaft shenanigans

    My trac-lok discs had the groovy pattern in them. Unit was tight and agressive with the truck empty. With a load of gravel or topsoil, it would get stuck on wet grass (one tire spinning) until i grabbed 4wd. It was close-quarters with a long truck, in a pretty little yard so i really didnt...
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    Anyone have book time for gp 95 7.3 Econoline?

    Mine was not a wreck, but it was a 97. I was in there for a hpop and fuel bowl exhumation, so those were out of the way already.