Essay on People with (IDI'S) in Thier Late Teens Early 20s

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    In my defense, I did start working on these trucks when I was 23 and I developed my love for them at 20.
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    Aug 24, 2016
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    Well I'm 18 and owned my 7.3 IDI E4OD for over a year now with an ats 088.

    Id like to know why an n/a over a power stroke if its pre turbo? I prefer over PSD for simplicity and easy to work on and maintain, cheap to repair. Can do the same things a PSD can, just slower.

    do you daily drive it? Yes

    do you do maintenance yourself and what was the most frustrating to deal with? Myself, yes. Fuel problems are the most frustrating, be it air intrusion, bad fuel pump or IP.

    have you had a bad experience at a diesel shop or garage? Don't trust any shop.

    do you use your truck for work or recreation? No
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    Feb 2, 2018
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    I had my first idi at 16 loved it drove it for 2 years before it blew the head gasket and got rid of it. Then I ended going to college became a diesel mechanic and ended up in a 6.0 powerstroke. I really enjoyed it til all the problems came one after another. So I sold it because I still really wanted an idi it never left me hanging it always started. So then I bought my 1990 7.3 idi n/a and spent a year fixing it up. This truck had yet to leave me walking. The only reason I went with another one is because I don't like the computers things can really messy with that. They are cheaper to maintain then a powerstroke that's for sure.
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    Aug 2, 2015
    So I'm confused a lot(grin), I do have arrested development at times; some people even claim I never left my teens; I maybe qualified for this thread.

    I guess I just like my truck, because it's mine, and I didn't pay 80k for it, and I've done just about everything with my truck that an 80k truck would do.

    If I need to prove my worth, as having arrested development, I guess I'll have to add the Dixie air horn, turn up the IP to roll coal, and well hell, while I'm at it, throw Gadsden flag in the back, I hear that's popular. Oh wait, I could go extra cool, and throw in one of those trashcan stacks I've read so much about. Top that off with naked chick mudflaps, and a piss on some other brand decal(that may just be redneck, not sure yet)...muhahahaha
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    Jun 12, 2017
    I'm 24 and have owned my 91 IDI for about a year now. I bought it when I was in college studying Mechanical Engineering. I specialized in Automotive Design so I had a lot of theoretical knowledge on diesel engines but I wanted to get more practical knowledge. I bought the truck knowing it would need some things and it proved to be a great way to learn a ton. I had quite a bit of experience working on gas engines so it was a nice change.

    I'd like to know why an n/a over a power stroke if its pre turbo?
    Mainly cost, will probably buy a Powerstroke next (6.7L) as my budget increases.

    Do you daily drive it?
    No, probably only a couple of times a week.

    Do you do maintenance yourself and what was the most frustrating to deal with?
    I have done 100% of the work myself, too much to list here really but a quick rundown would be I replaced the entire fuel system right out of the gate (from the IP to the rear tank) Redid all the electrical for the charging/starting circuit (starter, group 31's, battery cables, alternator, glowplugs), U Joints, Brakes, and various cosmetic things like clearance lights on the cab.

    Have you had a bad experience at a diesel shop or garage?
    Never been

    Do you use your truck for work or recreation?
    Mainly recreation like pulling boats or camping, occasional around the house work.

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