Can I Tee here for a gauge


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Dec 3, 2015
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So on my old 1990 300 straight six I'm adding some gauges just like I did in my idi. The oil pressure sender is at a pretty easy location that I'm gonna T in my mechanical with the factory.

My issue is there are two coolant temp sensors. From what I read there is one on the back passenger side of the block that I can't even find and from the diagram looks in an awful place which controls the in cab gauge or...

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There's one right up at the front of the engine right by where the heater hoses go. The only thing is from what I read I believe this one controls the fan clutch or somehow has a function outside of running the gauge. I'm wondering if I were to T here as my aftermarket coolant temp gauge actually is electric and has a smaller probe if the stock switch for the fan would be effected since its in essence almost T'd itself.

It plugs in the middle threads of this picture.

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But I don't want to cause it not to work either. There's never a good spot for this type of stuff.