Transmission help needed.

Discussion in 'Gasoline Engines' started by Dieselguy123, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Hello all, I have a 03 f250 super duty, 5.4 4x4, 4r100. Transmission intermittently malfunctions causing what feels like the converter locking and stalling the truck. Mostly this happens at a stop light, sign, etc. I start it back up in N and drop it in drive it will 90% of the time stall will also stall sometimes just putting it in gear, R or D. The truck has had a converter drainback issue for a couple will drain overnight and cause delayed gear engagement. I put a new solenoid pack in last year and that helped for a while with the stalling, but now I am right back to the same thing. One more kicker is that say I am sitting at a gear (so it didn't stall on me) if I put it in L1 or L2 that will kill it also. I am at a slipping, shifts great, pulls my 8k fifth wheel just fine. Any ideas...thanks in advance! -Brad-

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