Short crank time!!

Matthew Lura

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Jun 23, 2018
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Brainerd Minnesota
I just recently acquired a 2005 3500 4x4 Silverado. It was pretty stripped under the hood but the cab it's self is in great shape for being in MN. I purchased the missing Radiator in order to try and get it running do to the transmission cooler lines. I got it home and threw two new batteries in it and tried to turn it over but had no crank. So I figured it sat for quite awhile and purchased a starter. I installed the starter and still nothing. . So I pulled some fuses and checked them and all of a sudden it started to crank. Figured bad connection or corrosion. But now it only cranks for about 3 seconds and quits. Turn the key and it cranks over for about 3 seconds and quits. Keeps doing this. Anyone come across this issue before. Thanks for the help.