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Relay Wiring

Discussion in 'General, Performance Upgrades & Accessories' started by BC4Lyphe, Dec 11, 2018.

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    Aug 25, 2013
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    I figured I'd post this on here since its going on a Cummins.

    I'm wiring my grid heater. I'll have a 4' long black 4awg going from a ground block to one side of the heater. The other side will have a 4' long red 4awg going to one side of the big lug on a White-Rodgers 120-105111 4 terminal relay. The other big lug will have an 8" red 4awg going directly to the positive battery. I will have a momentary push button in the cab to energize the coil. I was wondering if I could run an 8" red #10 from positive battery to one of the small lugs then have about 7' of #10 going from negative battery into the cab and into one side of the momentary switch and the other side just going to frame/ground somewhere near the dash using #10? I figured it'd be better than switching 12v as I usually do.

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