Let’s talk about egts and water temp


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Jan 28, 2012
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Atascadero, Ca
I love my truck. I spent a lot of time and money to get it to where it is. I’m 85% there. If I could lick this problem, I’m 95% to where I want to be. That last 5% will come later with the next project. I’ve got enough power I just can’t use it all.

I’m eyeing a drop to 3.73 gears in the future because all I seem to do is tow. It doesn’t solve all the problems but it wont hurt.

I am not running oil temp gauges currently.

I have a 7 lb cap on it now. I had a 13 lb on it for a while and developed my freeze plug leak.

Yes I have a really good fan shroud for the big fan. Seals way better than factory.

@asmith what size unit did you go with. My calculations show a 450 cfm unit will be sufficient and the frozen boost unit for that size does have a small radiator. The next size bigger has a pretty large rad although it’s only 1” thick.
Sorry didnt see this. I will measure it tomorrow for you.