1989 F350 4x4 front lower ball joints


Feb 5, 2010
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edmond, ks
As soon as I read the part about the timing being so far off, I knew what his issue was. I've heard of others doing that same thing. Mine was when I tried to do a tune up on my 1975 Binder. I replaced the plugs and wires and I couldn't get it to start. I had to call in reinforcements. What I had done was I pulled off all of the plug wires. When I tried to put them back, I wired them on the distributor correctly (like a small block Chevy), but I numbered them on the cylinders wrong (like a small block Ford). Once that was fixed, it ran just fine again. That was the last time that I pulled all of the plug wires off at one time.

On a different note, but a VERY funny story. This happened on a weekend in late April or early May of 1994. The OKC bombing had just happened. Terry Nichols was living in Herington, KS at the time and turned himself in to the Herington police department. That is where I was born and lived for my early years. My dad sold insurance and happened to have Terry Nichols insured. For some reason, I tore into the truck in my dad's driveway. Even though he barely knew the guy, reporters of all kinds were wanting to interview my dad about Terry. As my two friends and I were working on my truck, a lady from the St. Louis Sun (I think) pulled up in front of the house. She got out and asked if my dad was around. I told her that he was in the house and go ahead and ring the doorbell. As she was walking toward the house, one of my friends kind of quietly said "he's just building a pipe bomb!" We all started laughing. She gave us an awful dirty look, but kept walking. To this day, I have no idea of she heard my friend or if she was just giving us that look because we started laughing and she knew that it was about her.