Lister clone Powerline 24/2

Daniel McCurdy

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May 8, 2020
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Evarts KY
I recently bought an engine that I believe to be the 24/2 as it says 24hp at 1000rpm. I'm trying to find some info on it like what is the valve lash, does it have an oil filter if so where, how much oil does it take, does it have a oil dipstick if so where if not how do I check the oil. It has some kind of fueling problem sometimes it runs at the rpm it's supposed to, other times it'll rev real high with the governer spring adjustment having no effect. It had sat for a while and one of the injection pumps had fuel going to it but not out after working the rack back and forth a bunch i finally had fuel coming out, I believe that pump may need to be disassembled and cleaned as when it starts to rev high the egt on that cylinder is a lot hotter than the other. Is there any instructions anywhere that says how to disassemble and reassemble the injection pump.