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    Did I kill my jump pack, or my battery, or both?

    BLUF you really need charge the batteries with a good charger, see if that helps. If not, get them to an autoparts store to have them load tested. After resting for at least 2 hours (no charging/discharging), 12.7 is considered 100% State of Charge. 12.06 is 50% SOC. If you are at 11.9, your...
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    Did I kill my jump pack, or my battery, or both?

    I'd recommend charging the batteries with a good 6 to 10 amp charger overnight if possible. Trickle chargers and solar chargers can passivate lead acid batteries. A good high amp charger can sometimes burn the passivation/plating off. IDIBronco is correct. Voltage may look good, but capacity...
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    How hot is too hot?

    I know with your extensive effort, it's not this, but just to add to the conversation... What ratio antifreeze/water are you at? I had similar issues on a Perkins diesel in my tractor. The float/ball type indicators are worthless. I had way too much antifreeze. I got a refractometer type...
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    Fuel Seperator Leaking

    I can't really see what you're talking about in the picture, but years ago, I had same/similar problem. Replaced o-rings, no issues since then. I'm sure there's videos somewhere on the internet. I seem to remember finding the correct size/type o-rings was the hard part. Does this help: or