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  • Hey Shane,
    My brown truck is still sitting in the driveway with the last blown head gasket. I've yet to get time to fix it. There is one other brown early 80's truck in town, its a different shade of brown, but thats probably the one you saw. I'm trying to think, I had a guy try to sell me a DRW 3.55 LS axle a while back, and I can't remember who.
    Dude, just happened to come across some of your posts as I was cruisin thru Husker territory. You don't happen to know of a DRW 3.55 axle that someone would sell/trade for a 4.10 do you? Oh and was your brown truck in Lincoln at all today? I think I saw it!
    Dude did you pull the head on your truck or did you put her out to pasture for the winter?
    since u have six of these beasts do u know if a core support will work from an 89 on my 93
    Hey, I saw your truck in last months Diesel Power, featuring the Ford Diesels spotter's guide. Nice truck! Where did you get the Alcoa's?
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