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Apr 3, 2022
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The only other thing that I was able to accomplish was to swap out the hood. The GTA hood just doesn't say "knight rider", so on with the "turbo bulge" hood.

So the "turbo bulge" serves no perpose for the most part, but if you have a TBI or carbureted firebird there is plumbing, an air filter housing, and an insert that makes it an actual cold air intake. These parts are rare and worth several hundred dollars if you find a whole kit. If you just have to have useless knowledge, look up a YouTube video called something like "how GM quashed Pontiac" it tells how right up to actual production Pontiac was going to put a 301 turbo charged Pontiac engine in the 82 firebirds, but GM shut it down. The offset bulge is actually to accommodate the turbo.

Lord willing, I'm going to spend a day next week at least mocking up the KITT bumper and get rid of the GTA beak looking bumper.

The turbo bulge changes the whole attitude of the car.


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