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300K mile club (new member here)

Discussion in '5.9L 3rd Gen Cummins' started by cdennyb, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. cdennyb

    cdennyb Full Access Member

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    Oct 23, 2005
    Northern California
    I hit the big 300K club yesterday! Whooo Hooo.
    Some say these Dodge trucks are no good, some swear they walk on water, I'm somewhere in between on that. It's been a great truck so far and I'm the second owner, first was a dealer demo gig for it that put 8,000 miles on it. I did all the rest.
    The only things I've done mechanical in nature in respect to repairs on this ol girl is a starter rebuild about every year and a half, 1 A?C compressor two years ago, and rebuild/freshen up the clutch packs in the trans about every 130-150,000 miles. Not bad for a 2003 Dually that gets used daily! Still running stock injectors, pump, etc, although I changed out the stock inlet tube with the restrictive square inlet to the intake manifold for a stainless 3" round one I TIG welded up. Definately helped it breath better. The mileage is still right at 24 mpg on the freeway in cruise mode empty.I did add a double stack Gale Banks Engineering tuner to it and that makes towing nice. Built my own exhaust brake setup which uses the boost from the turbo, stored in a fire extinguisher container with a check valve inline and a small solenoid ram that operates a butterfly valve inline with the exhaust just ahead of the Donaldson muffler.

    I've went thru 4 sets of tires, 3 sets of brake pads, 1 set of new aluminum alloy wheels, and 1 diamond plate tool box from tractor supply that broke all to hell at the seams after a lot of rough road miles.

    Thinking the front end is going to be in need of ball joints and lower control arm bushings this winter sometime but I'm considering myself quite lucky with this jewel.






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