2000 Excursion Limited 7.3 - 229,000 Miles - In KY near Frankfort - $20,500


May 27, 2014
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KY near Frankfort
2000 Excursion
7.3 Liter Turbodiesel with Intercooler
4x4 - Factory Vacuum-Locking Hubs Still Work
229,000 miles roughly
Limited Trim Model
Tan Leather
Cranberry Color
Garage Kept
Solid Frame and Body
Good Safe Family Hauler and Grocery Getter
Clear and Clean Title in Our Name
Cassette Tape Player Still Works!
Front Seat Leather Replaced in Past 5 Years

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Call 423-833-7052 for details.

Quality Large and Fine Air Filter: Factory Ford Kit - 7.3L Donaldson Air Induction System
Fresh Batteries (2)
Hutch Modded Fuel Tank (maintenance)
Pillar Guages (turbo/transmission temp/exhaust temp)
Superchips Tuner
PIAA Fog Lights
Electric Trailer Brake Controller
4" Exhaust
Magnaflow Muffler
Stainless Exhaust Tip

Photos are all real except the license plate has been scratched out. This truck is under daily family use, so it is dusty and has a few scratches. We cleaned it enough to make it presentable.

Long-winded detailed description:

You already know, but this is a legendary 7.3, which is not made anymore. The Excursion is also discontinued.

This is my "wife's" truck, but I get to drive on long trips!

The engine runs as it should, starts as it should, and has zero blow-by as cheched at the oil fill port while the truck is running. This 7.3 engine is huge and heavy and incredible. We bought the truck with the 4" (I think) exhaust from turbo outlet all the way back already installed. It has a minimal muffler so it sounds a bit louder than stock but sounds nice. It is subdued and conservative but different than stock.

We have owned this truck for 5 years and this is our second 7.3 Excursion.
We bought the truck when we lived in Johnson City, TN. The truck was driven there at least a few years before, and now in KY the last 5 years. It has not seen much salt because it doesn't snow that much here, and when it does my wife is afraid to drive. We spray under the truck when the snow melts away, which is a couple of times per year.
Previous owner of this truck had 7.3 work trucks, liked them, and bought this Excursion for his wife, who didn't like the truck and asked to sell it. That is why we got it.
We are at least the 3rd owner of the truck.

We replaced the water pump and serpentine belt and hoses within the past 4 months.
Middle passenger side seat and one of the rear seats has a small rip and degraded leather from use. We covered it with a cheap cover so the kids would not further wear at it getting in an out. The leather is still there, but needs work.

When loaded with 44 gallons of fuel and all of our stuff I think this thing weighs over 8,000 lbs. Wow.

Excursions are known, sadly, for poor handling and ultra-soft leaf springs. The soft springs were supposed to make them more comfortable for the soccer moms. Our other Excursion had terribly saggy springs, which we replaced with good results. This one seems to have decent springs which have not sagged like the ones on our other truck did. We also made a mild and reversible modification to the rear springs on this truck to stiffen them - we clamped the additional rear "helper" leaves directly to the other portion of the leaf spring pack. This forces all the springs to work together 100% of the time, stiffening the rear. This helps this truck handle better on wavy roads and tow better with a hitch load because the rear doesn't sag as much.

It had 176,000 miles or so when we bought it and has performed great up to the current 230,000 miles.
This thing starts better than our older 7.3. It starts on glow plugs easily down to about 30 degrees or lower. It has 2 reasonably new batteries which we installed. It has a block heater, which we use when it is really cold, mainly to get some heat!

Previous owner installed the pillar gauges. They work, but we don't like them. They are a bit large.

This truck developed the standard broken plastic fuel pickup which many Ford 7.3s do which caused it to nearly run out of fuel when guage says 1/4 tank. We took the sending unit out, deleted the screens which clogs, and modified things so that fuel picks up from bottom of fuel tank. Copper lines and compression fittings per DieselTechRon method were done. It should last the life of the vehicle that way. We have had zero issues so far. This fix is called the Hutch mod.

We changed transmission fluid and pan filter at 200,000 miles. It is due now, and we will probably do that this week.

Brake rotors have been changed as have pads, sometime since we owned it, but I have no records of it. Each are a couple of years old.
We replaced the rear axle bearings and seals after one began to seep. We caught it before it lost any appreciable amount of gear oil. We topped it back up with about 1/2 quart.

Truck has a trailer brake controller under the dash, an aftermarket addition. No idea the history there...somebody along the way pulled something with this. We pulled a couple of cows a few times, and a U-haul trailer when moving.

Changed oil every 5k. This beast takes 16 quarts or 4 gallons per oil change. A futomo valve on the drain plug opening makes it easier and tool-less.

Interior seat covers replaced with leather from Richmond Auto Upholstery. https://leather-auto-seats.com/

Fog lights in front operate from a factory Ford fog light switch added to the truck.

The truck drips a little from around the oil pan. It drips maybe a teaspoon every few days.

Shocks are 1 year old. They are black OEM-sized shocks. Nothing special but they work.
Drips a little oil at the oil pan. It is running down the back of the engine from somewhere and always has. Very very slow leak.

Factory Ford 7.3L Donaldson Air Induction System
This air filter is huge, flows well, yet catches dirt well.

Superchips 1855 Tuner
I run on "light tow" all the time. It gives the truck more throttle response.
"Fuel Economy" makes it shift into high gear too much.

OBD Link EX101 for hooking to a laptop with Forscan software.
I used this checking for injector function and other things. I did a buzz test.
We replaced #8 injector with factory new long-lead Ford injector, but we don't think it really needed it. We were concerned about how the exhaust sounds, but now think it is due to the larger exhaust. We have since noted the same "chug chug" sound on other similar 7.3 trucks.

Tires are slightly oversized 285/75/16 BF Goodrich All Terrains with about 1/3 to 1/2 life left. They have some wear and are not new. We rotate them and keep them aired up. I have a set of Cooper HT3s picked out, but have not purchased new tires yet.

I have no idea why the grill is from a different model year Ford truck. We bought it that way. It shows no signs of a crash. Judging by the exhaust and guages, I'd say someone swapped it for looks.

We like the size and safety of these trucks. My wife drives this truck and likes the safe feeling of driving her kids in a sturdy vehicle. These trucks give one the "right-of-weight" out on the road. We experienced a crash in a similar Excursion which we owned prior this one. Our other Excursion was totaled in a head-on crash... my wife and kids walked away from that crash with no injuries. We were hit in the front by a loaded dually F350 flatbed with a whole cut-up tree (several thousand pounds) on top of the flatbed. Police and tow truck people told us at the scene that in their experience the large truck saved us from harm. We were told had we been in a minivan we would likely have had a more grim outcome.

Due to $5+ diesel prices we can't justify driving it anymore just to haul groceries and kids around because we don't use the pulling capability that this thing offers.
We hate to see her go.
By the way, her name is "Reddy", according to our kids. We are fond of her. She is part of the family. (trucks aren't people, we know)
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May 27, 2014
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KY near Frankfort
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May 27, 2014
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KY near Frankfort


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May 27, 2014
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KY near Frankfort
Didn't see a way to edit original post.
Price now $20,000
Willing to trade for 5.3 Suburbans with seating for 8-9 or Nissan NV with 6-cylinder.

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