banks sidewinder turbo

  1. PossumTruck

    Evaluating used Banks truck

    On Sunday, I will be looking at a 1990 7.3 with a Banks kit added. This would be my first turbo anything so I have no experience or expectations - while I am comfortable with evaluating the rest of the engine and truck. Any tips on what to look for in a potentially-problematic turbo unit?
  2. Minuteman96

    Borg Warner turbo that will bolt into a Sidewinder kit

    I have a wastegated Banks Sidewinder that had shaft play so I tore it down. Was going to rebuild it myself, but finding a kit is a bear. I’ve read the wastegated sidewinders were all TE06H’s but the label on my turbo got ripped off before I acquired it. The motor is a stock 94 7.3 in a 93 F250...
  3. O

    Reman IP fuel setting for existing turbo?

    Good morning, group. ’93 F-350 has been running an early Banks Sidewinder aftermarket turbo for (apparently) many years before I bought it. IP is leaking now. I’ve bought a reman DB2 5013 to replace same, which was running fine with the turbo, although I understand it is not the recommended...

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