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    Dreaded ATS OEM Turbo Up-pipe slip joint leak has killed my boost 2022 edition.

    I had the exact same problem with mine. At the suggestion of others here I tried copper RTV. It held, but every time I pushed it hard it would blow out and my boost would drop to almost nothing. Three times I blew out the RTV. I finally found a simple, permanent fix. I noticed a standard aerosol...
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    The Official LUK 07-225 SMF Clutch Kit & ZF S5-42/47 Rollover Noise Poll

    Some noise but not unbearable. I run Redline synthetic ATF.
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    4.56 gears???

    I regeared my off-road truck myself to 5.38 a few years back. Expect to pay at least $800 for gear, shim, seal and bearing kits for both axles. That's if you're buying the parts yourself. Lots of shops don't like it when you buy your own parts, so if you're planning on hiring someone to do it...
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    “The 6.9” project thread

    I put SRW king pin Dana 60s in both of my F250s. The first one I got for $750, complete minus the springs, track bar and rear spacer blocks. The second one was a complete truck for $600. I had to drive 100 miles each way and haul it home. I put batteries in it, bled the fuel lines and drove it...
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    “The 6.9” project thread

    Based on what I've seen scrounging salvage yards and classifieds the OBS Dana 60 is like gold compared to the newer Super Duty axles. Probably because they're becoming so hard to find. Super Dutys are everywhere in junk yards. OBS F350s not so much.
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    Alternative way to install head studs

    If you're running the stock pump turned up you should be fine. I don't think you'll be able to build enough cylinder pressure and boost to cause any problems. If you step up to a bigger pump then studs are pretty much mandatory.
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    Turbo options

    I have the exact same package as frankenwrench. GTX3582 turbo with intercooler, 110 pump, stage 1 injectors, ARP head studs.
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    Turbo options

    I have 3.55 gears. I expected fuel economy to improve since the engine doesn't have to work as hard to make the same amount of power, but I have yet to see any gain no matter how conservatively I drive it. Its actually worse. But the truck has tons more power, night and day difference.
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    Turbo options

    I'm running stock valve springs so I don't want to push my boost too high. My wastegate is connected but I have it set to open at 15 psi. I rarely ever hit the limit, most of the time it stays under 10 when pulling loads. I still barely manage 14 mpg empty on the highway.
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    Turbo options

    What gears are you running? I have the exact same setup in my truck with 3.55 gears and a ZF and I know my mileage has dropped compared to what I was getting before the turbo. I'm not getting anywhere near that kind of mileage and I'm not driving it any differently than I was before.
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    Got my new Stryker 955 installed last night. My girlfriend did the 11 meter conversion. Huge improvement over the Cobra 29 it replaced.
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    Rear hub seal.

    National 370047A is a untized two piece design. The inner ring remains stationary on the hub and the outer part turns on it. I've installed tons of these over the years and it's normal to feel some drag on them when they're new. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    Just finished installing my new headache rack. I love how it looks.
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    96 dash bezel

    Yep. If you look on the back side there are pins in it. Gas trucks will not run if the harness is not plugged into the plate because the pins inside act as a jumper for the fuel pump circuit. I found this out after a customer had his truck towed to the shop because it wouldn't start after he had...
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    That #$%^ serpentine belt chirp again!

    Another trick I've found that works well is floor dry. Throw a handful on the ribbed side of the belt with the engine running. It instantly silences the chirping.