2024 IDI Weekend Rally


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Dec 11, 2004
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Gwynneville, Indiana
Ok folks back by popular demand is the famous IDI Weekend. Which I’m not sure we can legally call it that as most of us are driving other makes and generations now days.

Where : Nashville, Indiana at the KOA Campground - 2248 State Road 46.

When : July 15th - July 21st.

Call 800-562-9132 or 812-988-4675

Tell them you are with the Oilburners Group. We have the entire upper end of the Campground blocked off until April 1st. So after April 1st you may not be able to get a site up with the group. We also have a couple cabins blocked off until April as well for those of you that don’t have or won’t be bringing a camper.

We look forward to seeing everyone again and hopefully we will get to meet some new folks as well.

As we know from the past - this is a family friendly event. This Rally started back in 2002 and has been held at multiple locations every year except during the COVID years. I know I have personally seen babies grow into fine young adults from this group.

We are going to be in the heart of brown county Indiana which is nicknamed “The Little Smokies”. Yes Indiana has something more than flat corn fields.

One of our group outings will be to visit a local brewery/distillery for some food and tasty beverages. Some of you might remember the pizza place we ate at last time Jill and I hosted here in BC. - well they now have another location.

Remember call early and get your reservations in.

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