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Sep 25, 2017
Dec 11, 2004
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Jul 6, 1971 (Age: 48)
Greenfield, Indiana
Oxygen Depleation Technician

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Resident Fruitcake, 48, from Greenfield, Indiana

Staff Member
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Sep 25, 2017
    1. sdbullrider
      hey i have a few questions about my 12 valve regarding the head gasket i just replaced, any chance you could help me out? thankyou
    2. k4474
      Hello iam new to the forum can you tell me how to get to the refinery

      thanks Kevin
    3. Devin
      Hey argve, can you help me out on picking my first 12 valve? i want to know everything to look for before i buy one.
    4. cummin_newbie
      Hey argve, im looking at my very first 12v cumins is their anything I should look for in the truck? I know about the 5th gear problem in the manual transmission and the killer dowel pin. Thanks
    5. argve
      do you know the spline count. That would be the thing that would make or break the deal.
    6. jwc
      Does any one know if a set of Ford steering knuckles off a Dana 60 with locking hubs will work on a 95 Dodge Dana 60 with center axel disconnect to convert it to locking hubs?

      95 Dodge w. 4" exhaust, K & N, 60lb valve springs, 50 HP injectors
    7. swuchase1
      so dodge is changing warranty on e-manifold they are gonig to cover it and rewrite it...
      I guess my buddy can de a pain in the ass. WOW
    8. swuchase1
      ARGVE do you know much about warranty on the dodges
    9. argve
      You can post in the 2nd gen section here because the 4bt and 6bt are basically the same animal just missing 2 cylinders. You are correct, in my travels I find that a lot of the Cummins owners are about puffing their chests out and thumping them about how good "their" truck is and not about trading information. We have a pretty good base here in that a lot of the guys know diesels so a lot of things cross over.

      Diesel Truck Resource used to be pretty good, Cummins Forum is what you found - chest beating. TDR is pretty good but you have to pay to be a member and you will find that most guys on there are also over at DTR or at least used to be - I haven't been on either one for quite some time.
    10. Andylad13
      Hey argve!
      Where can I post some questions about the Cummins 4BT? I'm new to looking at Cummins in general, but my questions are based on engine swaps for mpg and power. I have researched online and I get more people showing off their trucks, than sharing info.

      2 Future builds will be a bronco with a cummins (more than likely) that's going to be my beach vehicle, and then either selling my 97 ranger when the bronco is driveable, or dumping in a 4BT in that and seeing what I can come up with.
    11. crazybandb
      what gong on bub long time no talk
      i am still out work
      we have move out the park we where n to about 20 miles north
      gave call sometime 352 286 7639
    12. crazybandb
      how it going, gave call sometime 352 286 7639 we move from park we where in
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    Jul 6, 1971 (Age: 48)
    Greenfield, Indiana
    Oxygen Depleation Technician
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    Well I'm a cancer, like long walks at night in the moonlight, seeking a companion to hold me tight at night when the storms come, that has lots of money to spend on me. I just want to be a kept man.

    RV'n - Trucks - RV'n



    Rat - 1986 Ford Std Cab F350 6.9 IDI Non Turbo C6 auto Custom Aluminum Rad and - The sports car model as I call em.

    Past diesels
    ENTERPRISE 2 - 1990 Ford F350 7.3IDI NA E4OD Crew Cab Dually
    1995 Dodge 2500 6 banger with 5 speed - too many things modified - was my hotrod
    1991 Ford F350 7.3 IDI the infamous "Enterprise" - too many things modified - caused many gray hairs
    1983 Ford F250 6.9 IDI Don't know why I bought it - used as parts