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Darrin Tosh
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Mar 16, 2020
Jan 11, 2005
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Dec 3, 1965 (Age: 54)
Home Page:
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Car Lot Owner

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Darrin Tosh

IDI Hound, 54, from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Darrin Tosh was last seen:
Mar 16, 2020
    1. vincent deluca
      vincent deluca
      do you still have the f350 crew cab running boards in fiberglass
    2. Kizer
      Do you still have the disk brake conversion kit for sale? Is it for a Sterling 10.25?
      Thank you,
    3. chvycmnslvr68
      Hello Darrin ... I am new on here and dont know much about messaging ... I read your thread about the 4BT you put in DROOPY and was impressed ... I was wondering if you still have the old BT you first installed and later switched out ... I am looking at buying a 99 ford expedition with a blown engine and think that this would make a great conversion to a 4BT
    4. WayneLewis
      Beautiful Truck, now can imagine what mine would look like painted red...
    5. sikestrucking
      Hi Darrin, we love the E350 Cabriolet we bought from you last summer! What are your thoughts on adding Banks power over the regular turbo we talked about? Not planning anything yet, just researching options for more power for a great truck!
    6. swuchase1
      Darrin, this is bob we have chatted a few times about your truck i live in San Diego and know Ensenada WELL we race down there a lot (35 years) if you have trouble call me my Cell # is 619-778-7043 thanks for helping out the people of Mexico we help out in a small town Valle De Trinidad
    7. swuchase1
      Darrin your truck is beautiful. where did you get the hood scoop and dose it work or just for looks , looks great i was trying get move some air under my hood and love that look thanks Bob
    8. aaron1976
      Darrin, That truck of yours is so nice. I am using yours as a bench mark to go after and hopefully I am close to that mark when I get done fixin mine up. Keep up the good work!

    9. grog85
      Hey Darrin, Greg Argo here from Oilburners, (Grog85). There is an 86 F-250 w\ 6.9,plow solid body, good tires, for $2000 in Kaleva, 231-631-1612. Its on page 104 of MI Auto @ Rv. Maybe you've already seen it. Anyway...
    10. devinf350
      You wouldnt happen to have a set of bucket seets for a 94 F450 would you? I know you usually got alot a stuff for sale, just thought i would check
    11. Russ
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    Dec 3, 1965 (Age: 54)
    Home Page:
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Car Lot Owner
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    Self Emlpoyed, Married, 3 Kids, Awesome wife! Love God, Trucks, and my family, Not necessarly in that order.

    Ford Trucks, Jeeps, 4 Wheeling, Nascar,Camping with the Family



    Big Ed: 5.9 6BT 12V Cummins Powered 1989 F-350 XLT Lariat, Crew Cab, 4x4, Built C6, Gear Vendors, 3:55 ls, Propane Injection, Etc,.Etc,...
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    Droopy: 3.9 4BTA Cummins Powered 1988 F250, XLT, 5sp, Reg Cab, 4x4, 3:55 ls, the Plow Truck.
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