1. Rupert8

    How best to replace high-pressure power steering hose....?

    Hello all, I have a small-ish leak on the high pressure power steering hose, where it goes into the gearbox. I've tried tightening the connection up a little but no luck. It drips while driving, not when the engine is off. But I know it isn't going to get better and I don't want it failing on...
  2. C

    Air intrusion

    Hey anyone know why my clear air intrusion symptoms nearly go completely away when the weather is warm? when its cold it idles like hell but when the weather, not the engine is warm it runs well enough to only have a power surge at 2500 rpm. im kinda stumped at this point
  3. S

    Torque Specs for U-Bolts and Leaf Spring Bushings

    1993 7.3 idi f250 4x4 Dana 50 I have just about finished replacing the bushings for all of my leaf springs, including the rear, rear shackles. But can’t find for sure what the torque specs are for u-bolts or bushing bolts and would like to get those correct before I hit the road. If you have...
  4. S

    Hard Fuel Line possible adapters/connections

    Howdy, was wondering if anyone knows what kind of connection or fitting I could put on the end of this fuel line so I could go from this to a 3/8th hose. A 5/16 hose fits over it pretty snug but the 3/8th has a lot of wiggle room.
  5. S

    1993 F250 7.3 IDI injection pump

    Have a 1993 7.3 idi (non turbo). I bought the pick up recently, ran pretty well when I first got it, started having some problems with it, some I have worked out but I think I’m still having a serious fuel delivery problem. These two forums pretty accurately describe what’s going on with it...
  6. S

    1993 F250 7.3 IDI non turbo Piston rings

    Howdy. Thanks to everyone on this forum have helped me out a lot already. I recently purchased a 1993 7.3 idi non turbo as my first diesel vehicle. (Odometer is out and both me and previous owner have no clue what that mileage is. Dumb move maybe, but she is very fun to drive) Drove from...
  7. J

    Crank No Start

    Hey everyone , I have a 2000 f250 7.3, currently has 280k miles on it that are EASY. Was not abused by no means. I have been sending my truck to show now for the pat 3 months due to an issue I’ve been having. So it started with my truck randomly would die out of no where after driving for a...
  8. Bigjayva

    F250 idi cab swap

    Just bought this 1988 F250 2wd gas truck (blue one) and looking to swap the cab onto my 1989 f250 idi. Anything specific I should be aware of? Besides the VIN issues.
  9. 12pilgrim

    1986 F250 HD 4x4 hubcaps

    Hi guys, been searching eBay for the original dog dish hubcaps for awhile and finally bought a great looking, non dented pair that still has all the black paint. The rear ones fit great, the front ones with the cutout for the axle are too narrow to slide over. Was there a bunch of different...
  10. D

    08 axle in 1993 f350

    So I'm putting a 2008 f250 axle into a 1993 f350. I know the axle should just bolt up my question is what adapter will I need for the brake lines and what master cylinder should I use.
  11. D

    Newby here, just bought this amazing 92' F250 IDI time capsule, need Mechanic referral For WA Stat

    Hi All, I just bought this amazing 1992 F250 IDI time capsule off BAT and was hoping that someone could steer me towards a great diesel mechanic here is Washington State. As far as I know the truck needs nothing, but as this is my second 90's Ford Diesel, I know that wont always be the case. I'd...
  12. stick_witch

    7.3 idi compression test numbers and discussion

    Hey guys! I just did a compression test on my truck while I have it torn apart. New to these motors and diesels in general so if anyone could shine some light on this topic that would be great. Results: 380psi @ 21 compression strokes 380 @ 21 340 @ 21 340 @ 21 380 @ 21 295 @ 21 440 @ 21 420...
  13. D

    GP relay going out or need replacing? 88 f250

    88 f250 7.3 diesel.....So I just replaced my starter and before doing anything the truck the starter would barely try to turn over the engine and the glow plugs would cycle and only click once. After replacing the starter I wired and bolted it back in, after trying to warm up the glow plugs I...
  14. D

    88 7.3 f250 diesel starter going out?

    I tried to start my truck the other day and at first I heard the GP relay click once then I counted to 10 just in case they weren’t warmed up yet. I tried to crank it up, but all I heard was a quick clicking sound. Ok maybe the batteries or terminals aren’t good, tested both batteries sitting at...
  15. Oldtowntrucks

    injection pump replacement

    My old pump is leaking pretty bad, time to replace it off my '93 f250 7.3 idi e40d. Looking to purchase a reman one hopefully to save on some cost, probably from Rockauto unless their is another suggestion. Looking at this Delphi Stanadyne reman IP...
  16. Oldtowntrucks

    high idle solenoid mod?

    Anybody know if it'd be possible to unplug the high idle (cold start) solenoid and have it rigged to your own toggle switch other than being run by the system? Not sure if i'd change anything for the operation of the engine, other than of course having to have that feature as manual choice then...
  17. Oldtowntrucks

    '93 F250 Rear Window Gasket

    Hi there, I have a '93 F250 XLT 7.3 IDI with the sliding glass back window that whistles/howls when it's closed going down the highway and it's driving me nuts. Yeah I could just crank up the tunes and avoid it, but sometimes it's nice to hear that IDI rumble :) I'm wondering if for my truck...
  18. Wadertater

    For Sale 1992 Ford F-250 xlt

    1992 F250 xlt 4x4, standard cab, long bed, 230k miles, diesel, 7.3 IDI non-turbo. Fleet maintained, NO RUST, Florida truck. NEW - tires, batteries, glow plugs/timer, radiator. Rebuilt transmission. Runs and drives out fine. *Have Dana 60 solid front axle for an additional $400 Buchanan...

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