1. Kraig

    Used 7.3 Engine

    I'm chasing a ghost problem with my truck and want to see if anyone might have a motor available in case I need to just swap my motor out. I live around Baton Rouge, LA and want a reasonably low mileage 7.3 diesel.
  2. C

    Transmissions for Deutz FL913 engines can bolt directly onto FL912 engines?

    Found an Iveco Magirus transmission that bolts on the FL913 series of the deutz engines and i am not sure if it also bolts on the FL912 series
  3. Kraig

    BILLOWING white smoke

    I have had an intermittent billow of white smoke while driving around. It would happen once a day maybe but right as I got off the interstate this morning after an hour it just let loose billowing white smoke. I did pull the injectors a few weeks ago so I though maybe an injector Oring. I pulled...
  4. S

    Best 7.3 idi build.

    Hey all, I hope everyone is well during these trying times. I would like to build the very best 7.3 idi that I can. I have an engine to start with which came out of a 93 f350 n/a but yet has all the turbo internals. Here is what I propose, list all the weakness of this motor and address, or...
  5. Robert Siliani

    Help! My engine just died.

    Topic says it all. Rather new to me 2001 7.3 with approx 300k. Changed all fluids, suspension work done, new batteries, starter, and radiator. No Codes, engine diagnostic passed Injector electrical , glow plug monitor, cylinder contribution self-test. No blow-by at oil fill. Drove it approx 3k...
  6. M

    6.9 rebuilding tips

    I am rebuilding my 1985 6.9 IDI. I am looking for any tips, warnings, or suggestions for modifications. I am planning on a mostly stock rebuild. My priorities for this job in order of importance are: 1. Dependable and long lasting engine 2. Do it myself 3. Save some money 4. Improve gas mileage...

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