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      my '89 has a 4.14 granny and a 4.10 limited slip rear. I pull my 23 foot horse trailer and find no problem taking off in 2nd. That...
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      mexicanjoe replied to the thread News on Big Red.
      Due to numerous oil leaks, I add about 1 quart per 1000... I also seal coat the parking lot a work for free.................. The oil...
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      I dont suppose that truck is in West Texas? Most everything we have out here is beat to death due to the oilfield. 4 year old trucks...
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      mexicanjoe replied to the thread Persistent fuel leak.
      Try looking at the filter housing located directly above on the engine. It may leak there and dribble down on to the lift pump.
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      mexicanjoe replied to the thread pre fill oil filter?.
      Every. Single. Time. I dont see a reason NOT to. If I dont change the air filter I also blow out the air filter & spray the...
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      check the inside of the HVAC box to see if the "flapper door" is operating. If not, try to remove the fan and motor to determine if you...
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      mexicanjoe replied to the thread Heater core out again.
      Ive had real good luck with store brands from Oreilly, of course I use 50/50 coolant; as our ground water is so hard ! One trick to...
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