crank no start

  1. P

    93 7.3 idk crank no start no smoke from exhaust

    Have a 93 7.3 idk n/a parked it for the winter ran great half way to the shop then once I got there it started to run very poorly like it was missing on a couple cylinders would not refire up on its on with out a quick spray of either. Recently I took the truck out for the summer still running...
  2. 92LongBed

    Is this metal hose supposed to go nowhere? Fuel system issues, Air intrusion, Good Crank No Start

    Good Afternoon, I am back with more starting issues, previously dealt with battery deficiencies which I have solved, replaced the stock starter with a PowerMaster Starter 9050, thing cranks like a beauty, but it only cranks. I got it to start and it coughed once with a big cloud of white smoke...
  3. S

    93 7.3 idi crank no start

    Hello, I just bought a 93 f350 with a 7.3 idi. I replaced the batteries, battery cables, starter, glow plugs, glow plug solenoid, fuel filter and fuel shutoff solenoid. But still when I go to crank it it cranks and cranks but doesn’t start. I have also tried bleeding the fuel lines by cracking...
  4. J

    Crank No Start

    Hey everyone , I have a 2000 f250 7.3, currently has 280k miles on it that are EASY. Was not abused by no means. I have been sending my truck to show now for the pat 3 months due to an issue I’ve been having. So it started with my truck randomly would die out of no where after driving for a...
  5. SterlingCharles

    1993 7.3 IDI Naturally Aspirated CRANK no START after sitting 11 years.

    Hello guys. I’m new to this forum. I have a 1993 Ford F-350 7.3 Naturally Aspirated. I recently purchased this truck from a guy that say for 11 years (since 2011). Got a damn good deal on it too. Bought it non running. When getting the truck I noticed a rusted out valley pan with pin holes...
  6. Stu Bailey

    Hard starts, stalls. Surges too

    Back at ya guys with another scenario. Engine cranks over, takes too long to start though. Once it does, it stalls out. Unless I give it plenty of throttle it will die. After a few times I can get her started and she will run but I get a surge of power intermittently, almost always at lower...