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    Bullnose front Recovery Hooks?

    The only good way I have thought about is through the bumper. Cut holes in the bumper and fabricate a mount directly to the inside of the c channel. Otherwise there is little there to work with. Thats why so many Brick and OBS trucks have tweaked front bumpers from being pulled.
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    Why Diesel Prices Are Set To Soar

    Nope. Though to be fair, I don't think the author or I anticipated this war. If this european ban on Russian oil actually goes into effect I think we are in for even higher prices for a long time. Buy stock in oil companies and use your profit to fill your tank.
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    Cracked fuel pump cause

    I would look at how the fuel line connected there is attached to the frame, and then look around the motor mounts for excessive movement. That looks like something that would happen if there is a lot of vibration in the fuel line.
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    idi vs di for wmo

    I think I am running one degree advanced beyond stock right now. Its been a while since I set it so I can't remember what stock specs are. I have run it as much as 4 degrees advanced, but it smokes a lot and rattles like crazy. That hay pic was from a drought year (2016?) I found a guy...
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    idi vs di for wmo

    The inline pumps run thicker fuels much better. I have been running WVO for 20 years now and the bosch pumps on the mercedes are waaaay more forgiving than the standyne on my IDIS. The 12v with a p pump is supposed to be great for alt fuels, but the fummins swap is only a dream for me so I...
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    Infant car seats in these dinosaurs..

    The H clip is all you need to make the shoulder belts work with car seats. We have done it with 3 kids in our IDI. The rear facing seats do not work in the back of supercabs though, and once you convert it to forward facing it only works in the rear for a while unless you can drive with the...
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    Why 80% wmo and 20% gasoline?

    You don't need to match viscosity. I have been blending in my IDI for almost 20 years. I tried gas several times, but in my experience was its fine when unloaded, but when you work the motor hard towiing it causes running problems. I blend 20% with diesel. The result is much higher viscosity...
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    om603 white smoke?

    Typically you will hear a bad injector nailing. If it sounds good, I would suspect just old fuel or retarded timing. I would not hesitate to drive it home if if sounds good.
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    Deal alert on 3g alternators reman

    Actually, as soon as I put the pulley on it froze again. I asked for a refund and he gave me one and told me to keep it. Since my investment was now zero, I dug deeper into it. What I realized is that the armature is simply pressed onto the shaft and moves. I moved it all over trying to find...
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    Deal alert on 3g alternators reman

    The seller was quick to respond and offered a refund. He also allowed me to get in it to investigate. I found that the rear cooling fan on the armature was hitting the rear case. I took a drift and hit it a couple times through the rear cap and it spins free now. You can see in the picture...
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    Deal alert on 3g alternators reman

    Well mine doesn't spin. It feels like the internal fan is rubbing on the case. I will see what the seller says......
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    Deal alert on 3g alternators reman

    Bought. Only one left at that price.
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    No bs radiator replacement

    I will say that my oreilly's aluminum radiator with plastic caps has not let me down, but pulling the same load up the same mountain, my truck runs hotter with the new aluminum radiator than it did with the original brass. I had the original rodded and put it in my 87 which had a rotten core...
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    No bs radiator replacement

    It might not even need a new core. Around here its about $150 to have an original radiator disassembled, rodded, and put back together. Its then as good as new. I have a two row plastic and aluminum in my 94 turbo and it does not cool anywhere near as well as the original radiator did.

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