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    no fuel where to start looking?

    Anything else happening electrically, like does your radio/clock lose power when it shuts down? I chased an intermittent ignition switch for some time. The one down on the floor, not the key switch. It’s pretty cheap and an easy part to swap. Good luck. Intermittent electrical issues are tough.
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    no fuel where to start looking?

    I believe my dongle is an OBDlink MX model, it works ok but I bought it a while back. I’d get on the Forscan forums and see if there’s anything newer/better/cheaper.
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    no fuel where to start looking?

    Two things you might consider: Its a little colder than it’s been in most places for the last few weeks, and your starting fluid start suggests you might just have a glow plug issue. Have you tried plugging in the heater for a few hours and trying to start it? Did you disconnect the glow plug...
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    So What Did You Do With Your PSD Today?

    Dentside XLT Bronco: That is true FordPorn :cool: It's interesting that most folks who have the silly money it takes right now to buy a super nice older (ready insanely priced) truck like your Bronco, can't figure out that a fuel filter isn't a deal breaker. In the old days, somebody would...
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    Pulled Rad. Got access

    I like your radiator recipe: sounds like a slow cooked IDI jambalaya! :p Now to see how it tastes :popcorn
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    Pulled Rad. Got access

    I'm with you on the "clean it out at home", but I used muratic acid diluted two to one with water. I layed the radiator on the ground with the ports upward, fill the radiator with the diluted solution, and leave it for 10-15 minutes depending on how much it bubbled/outgases. Neutralize with...
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    What's my '93 7.3 IDI E-350 Ambulance/Motorhome worth?

    People seem to really like van motorhomes right now and an ambulance is pretty close. I can't speak to the value, but this guy wants $8000 for a 460 4x4 1987 version with super low mileage. If you trade the diesel engine for 4WD, one could speculate that yours should be in the same ballpark...
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    Where to get new brake line

    +1 on the copper nickel premade lines. Find a section with the correct ends and bend it yourself. If that’s not accurate enough for you, call your closest hydraulic shop. If they can’t make it for you they should be able to point you in the right direction.
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    BILLOWING white smoke

    Regarding the oil cooler: I think the oil pressure is always higher than coolant pressure, which means you end up with oil in the coolant system when an oil cooler fails. It seems that your coolant is going somewhere, I would pull the valve covers, pressurize the coolant system, and see if...
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    BILLOWING white smoke

    We can only assume you meant coolant.......
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    Googlefu is weak

    I ran my old truck with no fan at all for two summers, and it cooled pretty well without it. Flat ground without a load, i don’t think you fan should be doing much. I will bet you a cold beer that your thermostat is the culprit :popcorn
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    Road trip time

    Earplugs LOL Those RPMs are loud in an older truck for sure. Good luck, take your time, you should be just fine.
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    Check engine light came on, diminished power

    Well, I just went out and hooked to it again and I do have two stored PCM codes: P0344 P1211
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    Check engine light came on, diminished power

    I used Forscan. I was really surprised there were no codes stored.
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    Project Queso

    Sounds nifty, pics please

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