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    24v fuel upgrades

    i guess your looking for a axe to grind ? Like any other engine maker makes 100% perfect engine ? They all have issues.....and that wasn't what my post was about ! Your dragging my post off topic , Why ? Not here to debate who makes the best engine ,,, Didn't join this forum for petty...
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    24v fuel upgrades

    I worked for Cummins most my life as a mechanic , in the end trying to think we know more about the engines then Cummins engine co is a joke . Injectors need to match the fuel pump/turbo/pistons and injection timing .. if not you end up with a damage engine . Once the engine smokes black thats...
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    I want to double check my driver side motor mount

    stick or automatic trans ? If stick shift the stick or shifting handle/rod/noob will kinda rise and want move away from the driver under heavy engine loads . automatic trans mission you can tell if the mounts are worn out if on a chassis dyno or you have someone riding on the front your truck...
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    can't get pipe plug out of front axle

    AS said above heat the housing around plug with torch .
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    12 volt and 24 volt mess

    Back in the day allot of semi trucks with larger engines ,,, cat 1693 Cummins K model and the Detroit 12v 71 had 24 volt systems because a 24 volts going to the starter ,,, started the engine better or cranked the engine faster . Your starter can work with 12v or 24 volts or even move voltage...
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    Compression reduced pistons

    Just what are you planning to do with the truck ? You doing tractor pulls or drag racing it ? Personally if the last set of OEM pistons worked for x amount of hrs then why not stay with OEM parts . You get to much fuel/air in your cyl and your pistons will heat crack . There is a ton of issues...
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    Valve noise / chuff

    Hi Normally I would follow the trouble shooting tree in manual. I would of troubleshoot your engine before taking it apart . Cutting the fuel to each injector listening to the noise will pin point what cylinder is the issue .. If you pull the injectors then use a rubber tipped air gun and put...