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    Saw this at an auction today.

    Amazing price for a beat truck. I feel more lustful eyes on my 1993 7.3 IDI out on the road these days - it's in much better shape than the featured truck.
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    Fuel additive

    Stanadyne performance formula - I've been using it for years. It disperses water rather than allowing water to form in the filter bowl, lubricates the pump & injector.
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    Issues come in bunches

    Insurance is the big negative. One minor accident would total the truck and I would get a check for $2,000. It wouldn't work for daily drivers but would antique car insurance be an option for me who puts less than 2,000 miles a year on this truck? Some antique car owners drive all over the US to...
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    Issues come in bunches

    The fuel selector valve went bad so I farmed out the repair to a good shop. Replacing the fuel tank valve weakened the fuel lines where they attach to the top of the tank. A new sender, some fuel line repairs and the truck had air in fuel symptoms. The shop stood by their work and made it right...
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    Fuel heater wire to activate electric lift pump relay?

    Isn't the fuel heater powered only at low temperatures?
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    Fuel Pump Woes

    "If it was me I would replace with a mechanical pump again." X 2 1993 F250 7.3 IDI 278,000 miles on the 2nd mechanical lift pump. With an electric pump there are more things to go wrong.
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    Coolant heated fuel filter header, coolant flow questions

    I used 3/8" refrigeration tubing with about 8 wraps around the fuel filter and covered it with aluminum flashing. Teed into both heater hoses with ball valve shutoffs for summer use. I never tried running anything but fuel.
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    Air in fuel system after selector valve replacement

    Under heavy load (high speed) there's no fuel filter light on or lack of fuel judging from the throttle. It sure seems like air in the fuel.
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    Air in fuel system after selector valve replacement

    No filters but they replaced the fuel pickups. A clog couldn't allow air into the system - it would stop the flow of fuel.
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    Air in fuel system after selector valve replacement

    The truck is running but is surging - I've driven the truck at least 100 miles and the surging is better but still noticeable at times. Both tanks are full, I have switched back and forth from one tank to the other. I see no signs of leaking fittings. How long after the fuel system is disturbed...
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    Air in fuel system after selector valve replacement

    A local shop replaced the fuel selector valve, dropped both tanks and replaced the fuel (tube or sock) in each tank. When I picked the truck up it started hard, surged and bucked. The fuel filter/water separator was wet on the bottom so I replaced that and cleaned the fittings and schrader valve...
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    what is a good A/M electric fuel pump for a 6.9l?

    Forgive this question if it's been covered before... what is wrong with the stock mechanical lift pump? I'm on my 2nd mechanical lift pump on the 28 year old truck I bought new. The stock setup seems to be pretty reliable.
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    Tar like "gasket" around the trans tunnel?

    If you never think you'll have to remove it again urethane would work well - probably wouldn't need to use any other attaching method either.
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    Fuel tank switchover problem

    If the valve is happy on one tank for now can I run it and just not try switching tanks until the valve is replaced?
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    Fuel tank switchover problem

    Wow! Lots of good, useful information here. Many thanks!