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    Speed Control Module

    Does your speedometer display the mileage on some sort of seven segment LCD display? If so, that's a PSOM . VSS comes from a sensor mounted on the rear differential "pumpkin". The PSOM (part of the speedometer assembly in the instrument cluster ) may be programmed for which rear end gear...
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    Is there a place where repair instructions can be posted or found?

    I have had one helluva saga addressing glow plug issues in my 1994 7.3L IDI E350 van. This has been going on for over a year now. And I have uncovered the damnedest unlikely and destructive malfunctions. So far, it's taken three sorties to get to the bottom of my woe. I'd like to write a...
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    Renewable diesel?

    Minuteman:. It was a dime / gallon more. Diesel #2 was 4.39 / gal last week, yesterday, I saw ARCO had changed the pump label to B99 and called it Renewable Diesel. And 4.49 / gal.
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    Renewable diesel?

    My local ARCO station now carries renewable diesel. I am of the belief that it is the NESTE product. I have used it about a week now, and have nothing negative to report. During fueling, I filled a gallon glass wine jug with the stuff, which I have capped off and leaving outside to expose it...
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    Why do my radio's keep going out?

    Check out "alternator load dump" and "inductive kickback". When an alternator suddenly loses load ( glow plugs, starter motor ), they put out way too much voltage for a few milliseconds until the regulators sense an overvoltage condition and kill the armature current. I've lost several...
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    What oil do you use?

    Second firfyter. Chevron Delo 15W40. WalMart.
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    Glow Plug Bypass - not working

    I am a little concerned... I do not like changing things out until I am pretty damm sure they are bad. Try this... On that pushbutton, can you get to the wiring... The screw terminals on the back of the switch. Short one terminal to the other with little screwdriver, paperclip, test clip...
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    Anyone know how to search for really old posts?

    See if Google finds it... Google Search tip: Search within a site
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    Cetane Booster beneficial in a 7.3 idi?

    IDI, Do you think elevation mattered? I've yet to run mine at elevation and wonder what to expect when I visit a friend in Colorado. Incidentally, I am in the Diesel Extreme and Stanadyne camp. The engine seems to really like the stuff. Less clatter. It's with great expectation that I...
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    Odd E4OD issue towing

    Your speedometer MUST be working properly. The E4OD requires a clean VSS signal from the PSOM, which is part of the speedometer circuit board, mounted directly behind the speedometer in the dash. Check everything in the VSS circuit. Filings on the VSS sensor...ABS acting up too? If so, dead...
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    CDD Shipping Department Closed Sept 19th-Oct 31st

    I am very happy to hear of your success! Guys like you are the leading indicator of our ability to support our own beasts. I hope your new hire will fall in love with these old beasts as much as the rest of us here have for ours. Mine is a big sluggish old ox, but I would not trade her for...
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    $5 Ram Air Intake?

    Sounds just like something I would do... Results and all! My guess: when the plastic heated up, it got soft. Thanks for posting!
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    fuel filter light on at idle

    You apparently have low fuel pressure and your IP is trying to suck fuel. Not good. Your IP needs to be supplied with more than enough fuel. It will take what it needs, and send the rest back to the tank. It's not just fuel... The diesel is also being used as a coolant, flushant, and...
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    Glow plug relay

    FYI, it's hard for me to hear the GP relay over the engine racket, but the GP current draw is quite noticeable on the voltmeter. My Carter E fuel pump is quite noisy, and the change in the pitch of its whine is quite noticeable to me. Or at night, it's also seen as fluctuations in lighting...
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    Glow plug relay

    Mine does too. It's done that ever since I got it off a Craigslist ad. It's had its glowplugs replaced shortly after purchase ( wanted to be damm sure Beru was in there, not autolites after reading the forums here!) . No change. I thought it was Fords way of tapering off glow plug heat...