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Thread: turbo vs non turbo Injector pump

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    Default turbo vs non turbo Injector pump

    Hey all, Ive been reading trying to find the answer....but I was checking out the Uhaul Injection pumps that was all the frenzy here a couple of months ago. I guess I saw it a little late. I have a 94 with stock turbo. What is the difference between an IP for non turbo and one for a turbo? Id like to get one, but it looks like only non turbos left.

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    The turbo unit has the extra fuel screw, but you can still use the early style if you turn the fuel up on it.


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    I have a non turbo with extra screw. I believe the calibration is different. I went with the non turbo, becouse I was under the impression that less fuel is delivered. At the altitude I live at, I want more air not more fuel. Works great.

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    IMHO i think a N/A pump is better on a turbo motor than a turbo pump is, my original pump broke the shaft in it so i put one of my used n/a pumps on it and wow it ran great and was a lot torgueier and faster ,so i went and ordered the correct pump for it and man what a turd again. i dunno but this is just my opinion!!

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