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Jul 1, 2010
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Yucca Valley/Ca./USA
Minor Performance upgrades
Just thought I would put this out there, I started towing a 21 foot Toy hauler (8500# loaded) and wanted to do a couple of upgrades. First the Trans (48re) was shot and I had that rebuilt with a Billet converter and the general upgrades of the poor parts in that trans plus some of the hard parts that had been overheated and the oversized oil pan. I didn't want to go crazy and loose milage over performance, one issue I had was max of 14-15 pounds of boost, my research found I could go as high as 30# without changing head bolts etc. I installed a adjustable Wastegate actuator with the 30# spring to start, this helped, up to 24# boost and towing milage was between 11-12 mpg. But still needed a bit more on the grades. I researched injectors and decided to go with the Bosch RV275 which are 40 hp over stock, this provided the result I was looking for, 28# of boost, EGT still good and much better on the grades with a solid 11 mpg. One issue popped up, the over boost code came up so in installed a Boost Fooler and no issues now. I realize I could have gone crazy and installed bigger injectors, a programmer etc but didn't find it necessary. The next upgrade will be to put in a Fass fuel system and then just drive it... 1999 dodge 2500 5.9 diesel hope you find this info at least interesting. J.P.

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