white smoke

  1. Kraig

    BILLOWING white smoke

    I have had an intermittent billow of white smoke while driving around. It would happen once a day maybe but right as I got off the interstate this morning after an hour it just let loose billowing white smoke. I did pull the injectors a few weeks ago so I though maybe an injector Oring. I pulled...
  2. M

    White smoke when at low throttle/coast on descents

    1990 f250 with 7.3 idi, 141k, mostly stock When going down long and straight descents, I have the throttle very lightly down, just enough to fully engage the transmission and the truck has a lot of mostly white smoke coming out of the exhaust. This will also happen when coasting in gear, but...
  3. JRHS

    White Smoke on Startup TSing steps

    Gents, Let me start off by saying thanks for all the great advice and words of wisdom. I bought my truck in December and have been reading the forum pretty much every day since, thanks for the education! My truck has an 83 6.9 NA motor with 60k miles on it. it Spent most of its life towing a...
  4. Christopher Cline

    Weird thick smoke before first drive of the day

    Every morning never fails if I start the truck and let it idle longer than 3-4 minutes and then give it a small rev a massive thick whitish brown black cloud comes out then it’s clear the rest the day. It smells heavily of burnt oil too. Maybe cdr? I just put a new one on about a year ago but...
  5. Wyatt Bird

    White smoke

    Hi, I’m new so I hope I’m doing this right, but I have a 1987 f250 6.9 with 1st gen banks turbo. I’m having white smoke come out when it’s idleing and when I give it gas it puts some grey and white smoke, sometime I get a little black. Any ideas will work. Thanks
  6. 86 Ford F-250 4X4

    6.9 Diesel starts and will only runs for a seconds, billows white smoke.

    I have a ’86 Ford F-250 6.9 diesel that has less than 18,000 miles that I bought new. I had not started it in several years and when I turned the key the fuel gage showed empty on both tanks. I tried starting it and it would not run. I thought either the gage was broken and the fuel was bad or...

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