1. Big Bart

    Where do you shop for trailer parts?

    I thought I would start a thread on where you find quality trailer parts for less? So let us know where you go to buy your trailer repair parts! I use the following web sites (Has most of what I am looking for.) (Have found they often have wheel bearings, hubs, and...
  2. Big Bart

    Car's and SUV's don't make great tow vehicles.

    You all have seen it, mabye even did it. That vehicle tangle up with their jackknifed trailer blocking some of the HWY. Thought you all might enjoy a couple of trailer crash video' I found on Youtube. (Links below.) Folks towing too much trailer with too little vehicle and some just over...
  3. Big Bart

    Show us a pic of your brake controller!

    Show us a pic of your brake controller! Tells us why you bought that one in particular. Then give us the pro's and con's. I have the Tekonsha Prodigy 3 brake controller. I bought this because I had a P1 and later needed electric over hydraulic. (P1 does not support but P2 and P3 do.) The...
  4. Big Bart

    Boat, Jet Ski, and Snowmobile trailer upgrades you should check out.

    I wanted to give back to this community and share some valuable lessons I have learned over several trailers and tens of thousands of miles of towing. Watercraft trailers unlike cars and trucks never seem to make it till 30,000 miles before needing brakes or 50,000 miles plus before needing...
  5. ISPKI

    OBS F-Super Duty Trailer Hitch

    Hey All! I just landed a 1994 F-Super Duty with a 7.3idi. I am looking into picking up a trailer hitch setup but the only one that I have come up with is Curt's Class 4 hitch. Anyone have any idea where I can get at least a class 5? What does everyone use for a hitch setup on their 450+ trucks?