1. SterlingCharles

    1993 7.3 IDI Naturally Aspirated CRANK no START after sitting 11 years.

    Hello guys. I’m new to this forum. I have a 1993 Ford F-350 7.3 Naturally Aspirated. I recently purchased this truck from a guy that say for 11 years (since 2011). Got a damn good deal on it too. Bought it non running. When getting the truck I noticed a rusted out valley pan with pin holes...
  2. stick_witch

    7.3 idi compression test numbers and discussion

    Hey guys! I just did a compression test on my truck while I have it torn apart. New to these motors and diesels in general so if anyone could shine some light on this topic that would be great. Results: 380psi @ 21 compression strokes 380 @ 21 340 @ 21 340 @ 21 380 @ 21 295 @ 21 440 @ 21 420...
  3. N

    1986 6.9 Pistons

    I'm looking for suggestions on what company to use for pistons for a B block 6.9 idi. Preferably in a set as we need to replace them all. Don't need the most optimum top of the line, just something at a reasonable price and decent quality. Thanks
  4. N

    1 dead hole and 1 with low compression

    So we have a 6.9 in a International 1654 small straight truck. Trouble was a few weeks ago we started it up, it was cold out, and immediately we hear a miss. Motor smoked under a load, and idle, and on hills. We were low on power, but there was no horrible knock sounds grinding etc. So we...
  5. N

    6.9 IDI in International 1654

    Hi Everyone, New member here with a different question. I've been reading a lot on the 6.9/7.3 forum and trying to gain general info. We have a 1986 International 1654 with the 6.9L motor in it. As of last week we have a dead cylinder and will now be doing motor work (valve work we think...

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