1. T

    International 4700/4800/4900: upgrade to 4-door crew cab?

    This is a body shop question. Suppose you start with an International medium duty chassis which you really like [DT466 mechanical P-pump with Spicer or Fuller tranny], but its cab has only two doors and one bench seat, and that's simply not enough interior space for your purposes. Then suppose...
  2. SterlingCharles

    1993 7.3 IDI Naturally Aspirated CRANK no START after sitting 11 years.

    Hello guys. I’m new to this forum. I have a 1993 Ford F-350 7.3 Naturally Aspirated. I recently purchased this truck from a guy that say for 11 years (since 2011). Got a damn good deal on it too. Bought it non running. When getting the truck I noticed a rusted out valley pan with pin holes...
  3. stick_witch

    7.3 idi compression test numbers and discussion

    Hey guys! I just did a compression test on my truck while I have it torn apart. New to these motors and diesels in general so if anyone could shine some light on this topic that would be great. Results: 380psi @ 21 compression strokes 380 @ 21 340 @ 21 340 @ 21 380 @ 21 295 @ 21 440 @ 21 420...
  4. N

    1986 6.9 Pistons

    I'm looking for suggestions on what company to use for pistons for a B block 6.9 idi. Preferably in a set as we need to replace them all. Don't need the most optimum top of the line, just something at a reasonable price and decent quality. Thanks
  5. N

    1 dead hole and 1 with low compression

    So we have a 6.9 in a International 1654 small straight truck. Trouble was a few weeks ago we started it up, it was cold out, and immediately we hear a miss. Motor smoked under a load, and idle, and on hills. We were low on power, but there was no horrible knock sounds grinding etc. So we...
  6. N

    6.9 IDI in International 1654

    Hi Everyone, New member here with a different question. I've been reading a lot on the 6.9/7.3 forum and trying to gain general info. We have a 1986 International 1654 with the 6.9L motor in it. As of last week we have a dead cylinder and will now be doing motor work (valve work we think...