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    My 2007 Ford F-250 Build Thread

    The widow sticker from the truck when it was new, lots of special options were put onto the truck
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    My 2007 Ford F-250 Build Thread

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    My 2007 Ford F-250 Build Thread

    Some pictures of my 6.0
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    i went out trash picking tonight and i found a kerosene heater, and last night found 2 good condition rectangle milk crates people were throwing out
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    on wensday i went over to jersey to get a better rear bumper and to pick up 2 snowblowers for repairs. it was the first time i took the new truck out of PA
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    Soccer ball engine / oil pickup 3/8" from bottom of pan?

    replace the parts and send the bill to ups, it was them who transported it, they damaged it they have to pay. i wouldnt risk it cause you could put pinholes in the pickup tube and have low oil pressure
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    My 2007 Ford F-250 Build Thread

    well.... i am not good at keeping my build threads up to date, i also screwed up in the first post, i got the truck 3 months ago not 2 months ago lol. since i started the thread i installed an XDP coolant filter. i will post some pictures tomorrow.
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    No start after filter changed.

    99% of the air will be trapped in the filter head, it is the highest point in the fuel system. did you have any fuel leaks before changing the filter?
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    My 2007 Ford F-250 Build Thread

    this is my second truck it is much better and more reliable than what my IDI was and i have no doubts on where i would drive this truck to. but i still miss my IDI. i bought the 6.0 2 months ago it had 175k on it, it now has 180k, i used to drive alot to get to my old job. i believe the truck...
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    idi parts compatibility with PSD

    the oil cooler bundle is the same on both engines, you could always rebuild it and have a spare
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    Rear bumper

    this guy uses an excursion bumper, hopefully this helps
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    last weekend i went to the junkyard and got a hydroboost MC, for an idi, that i no longer own..... no im not selling it but i am very happy i found it and im going to put it on the next idi i get.
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    My 1991 Ford F-350 build thread

    well i never expected to be saying this, on may 29th i was coming home and spun out in the rain and hit the concrete. the fender pushed back into the cab and knocked it out of square. insurance totaled the truck because of how much it will cost to fix. it really sucks but at the end of the day...
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    Interesting gauge mounts

    here is some ideas, glowshift also sell gauge pods like the dash one and a few others. remember, it is ok to follow in someone elses footsteps, all the good ideas are already taken. the truck in the pic in darrin toshs truck i believe
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    Pillar gauge set

    @SuperDave i had a glowshift pillar 3 gauge pod in my IDI, i believe @Laine D has glowshift gauges in his bull nose. the plastic should work the same for either truck. i am 5'4", if you are short like i am you wont be able to see the top gauge as well as you can the middle and bottom when you...