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Surpass factory setting of your truck with Superchips Booster Kit!

Discussion in 'CARiD.com' started by carid, Sep 13, 2018.

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    If you're looking for the most effective and easy way to unlock the hidden performance of your Chevy Silverado, you'll appreciate the new Superchips Flaschal and Amp'D Throttle Sensitivity Booster Kit, that's now available for CARiD customers. You would be able to release the true potential of your truck's engine, allowing for maximum acceleration and faster response and performance boost. It features simple plug-and-play installation using your stock connections and delivers immediate improvement, that you won't find anywhere else.

    Superchips® - Flaschal™ and Amp'D™ Throttle Sensitvity Booster Kit at CARiD





    - Color Screen
    - Speedometer Correction
    - Tire Size - 26"" - 38""
    - Axle Gear Ratio - Stock - 5.31
    - Speed Limiter - TPMS Threshold Adjust
    - Data Acquisition - Advanced + PIDS
    - DTC Read & Clear
    - Internet Updateable.

    Be among the first to try new Superchips Flaschal and Amp'D Throttle Sensitivity Booster Kit on your Chevy Silverado!

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