idi timing

  1. Big Bart

    How to set the timing on your 6.9 or 7.3 IDI and how to buy timing equipment.

    This thread is how to set timing on your NA or Turbo 6.9 or 7.3 F250 or F350 pick up. When should you check your timing? Every 30,000 miles. As your pump and injectors wear, they begin to open sooner generally. (Lower pop pressure.) This changes your engines timing. As an IP wears it may take...
  2. Big Bart

    Where to go for injectors and injection pumps.

    I wanted to post this since it is a weekly question “who/where do I go for injectors and injector pumps?” I believe this has been posted by vendor but not a list. Unlike a oil filter, ignition switch, or fan belt. Buying injectors and pumps at the auto parts stores or worse yet online have...
  3. P

    Rotunda IDI Timing Tool Operation

    Does anyone have data on normal output of Rotunda timing transducer, on #1/#4 hardline? Such as typical voltage during injection pulse? Or harder yet, has anyone built up an amp for that xducer to trigger a timing light, besides Ferret, MAC, etc?

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