7.3 psd

  1. Kraig

    BILLOWING white smoke

    I have had an intermittent billow of white smoke while driving around. It would happen once a day maybe but right as I got off the interstate this morning after an hour it just let loose billowing white smoke. I did pull the injectors a few weeks ago so I though maybe an injector Oring. I pulled...
  2. Bakersk896

    OBS With strange symptoms

    Well today went just as expected. After leaving the store, the PSD died on me with no warning. It started back up and ran under load for about 100 yards then died again. Checked the fuel bowl and the fuel was pretty clean and the bowl was full. Drained the bowl some and pressure was good and...
  3. D

    94.5 f350 7.3 psd wont start. Looking for pcm in houston area

    In need of a pcm as soon as possible. Please help. I will drive as far as I can if needed.