7.3 diesel

  1. S

    Torque Specs for U-Bolts and Leaf Spring Bushings

    1993 7.3 idi f250 4x4 Dana 50 I have just about finished replacing the bushings for all of my leaf springs, including the rear, rear shackles. But can’t find for sure what the torque specs are for u-bolts or bushing bolts and would like to get those correct before I hit the road. If you have...
  2. S

    89 Ford Diesel 7.3 hard to start

    1989 Ford F250 7.3 Replaced glow plugs, I have added a relay switch, which I just replaced as well. Tested each glow plug all were getting 12V. Truck started great for about a week, now it will only start if it is plugged in for at least an hour. I am in NE Arizona present average temps...
  3. SkylabTech86IDI

    Resurrecting a $900 1986 with 7.3idi swap. Fuel?

    Greetings all, first post here. Picked up a 1986 F-250 that had a 89 7.3idi swapped into it for $900. Been parked & not running for over a year. The story goes that the original 6.9idi died and a 89 7.3idi was swapped in. PO says it ran for a couple of weeks after the swap, but then it died...
  4. S

    Hard Fuel Line possible adapters/connections

    Howdy, was wondering if anyone knows what kind of connection or fitting I could put on the end of this fuel line so I could go from this to a 3/8th hose. A 5/16 hose fits over it pretty snug but the 3/8th has a lot of wiggle room.
  5. S

    1993 F250 7.3 IDI fuel return line to tank

    Does anyone know where I can find a replacement for the return line that goes from fuel injectors to the tank? It runs along the frame. I have a hole and significant leak in mine right as the line meets the frame, further down from the 3/8 hose that is connected to housing on left side of engine...
  6. S

    1993 F250 7.3 IDI injection pump

    Have a 1993 7.3 idi (non turbo). I bought the pick up recently, ran pretty well when I first got it, started having some problems with it, some I have worked out but I think I’m still having a serious fuel delivery problem. These two forums pretty accurately describe what’s going on with it...
  7. S

    1993 F250 7.3 IDI non turbo Piston rings

    Howdy. Thanks to everyone on this forum have helped me out a lot already. I recently purchased a 1993 7.3 idi non turbo as my first diesel vehicle. (Odometer is out and both me and previous owner have no clue what that mileage is. Dumb move maybe, but she is very fun to drive) Drove from...
  8. S

    93 7.3 idi crank no start

    Hello, I just bought a 93 f350 with a 7.3 idi. I replaced the batteries, battery cables, starter, glow plugs, glow plug solenoid, fuel filter and fuel shutoff solenoid. But still when I go to crank it it cranks and cranks but doesn’t start. I have also tried bleeding the fuel lines by cracking...
  9. J

    Crank No Start

    Hey everyone , I have a 2000 f250 7.3, currently has 280k miles on it that are EASY. Was not abused by no means. I have been sending my truck to show now for the pat 3 months due to an issue I’ve been having. So it started with my truck randomly would die out of no where after driving for a...
  10. wyatt tatman

    Eaton Transmission-7.3idi

    Looking into a different trans. for my 7.3idi NA. Kinda had the thought of a Eaton 10 speed, anyone know what clutch housing I would need for this swap. Yes I know the trans shifts with air, will have on board air all mounts no issue there just any insight into this will help. TIA.
  11. SterlingCharles

    1993 7.3 IDI Naturally Aspirated CRANK no START after sitting 11 years.

    Hello guys. I’m new to this forum. I have a 1993 Ford F-350 7.3 Naturally Aspirated. I recently purchased this truck from a guy that say for 11 years (since 2011). Got a damn good deal on it too. Bought it non running. When getting the truck I noticed a rusted out valley pan with pin holes...
  12. stick_witch

    7.3 IDI injection pump removal and compression testing after the fact.

    Hey guys! So I've got my truck in the shop to fix some oil leaks and to replace my leaking injection pump and I got overly excited and took off the IP and disconnected the hard lines running to and from the fuel filter head without doing my compression tests on the cylinders of this new to me...
  13. D

    GP relay going out or need replacing? 88 f250

    88 f250 7.3 diesel.....So I just replaced my starter and before doing anything the truck the starter would barely try to turn over the engine and the glow plugs would cycle and only click once. After replacing the starter I wired and bolted it back in, after trying to warm up the glow plugs I...

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