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    School me on 2wd Front Brakes

    I’d recommend getting was many Motorcraft parts as you can. I was able to find all but the rubber line for my rear brakes (through about 7 different vendors). I haven’t started down the “rabbit hole” for the front brake parts yet.
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    Steering Columns for 87-91 trucks?

    Look at the "repair guides" / At least you'll be able to see the parts involved with repair.
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    Good by and good luck!

    Please don't let an idiot ruin a good thing. I agree that "some peoples' kids" are a REAL irritation, do you let them make decisions for you?...F no! Stick around. You're appreciated by the adult members of this forum.
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    Switching tanks

    Yep, that will sure “do the trick”. I guess that I’ve learned: If I “suddenly” experience air intrusion symptoms, flip the switch!
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    Switching tanks

    Not long, if you’re running down the road, and you accidentally drain a tank, you have time to switch tanks before you stall the truck.
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    Electric fuel pump wont push gas unless engine cranking?

    I had the same question (among others) about his post. My IDIT is a ZF5 truck. 3200 RPM (per Ford tach & Barney Fife) gets me 63 MPH in 4th and it's still pulling.
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    Electric fuel pump wont push gas unless engine cranking?

    It was broken, so I did fix it. Thank you sir. Kizer
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    Electric fuel pump wont push gas unless engine cranking?

    Yes I did. All I can say is that the 40285 is in it's third truck now. One (N/A) died from block worm, one (Banks turbo'd) died from cracked block @ block heater and now the IDIT. I did NOT like the 40285, solo, on my IDIT. When pulling (10 or 11k) I ran out of fuel at the top (+3k RPM). So...
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    Electric fuel pump wont push gas unless engine cranking?

    This is a 40285 & 40290 in parallel. The set up has worked nicely for me ('93 IDIT). My favorite part is the redundancy. The truck runs fine on either pump, better on both. I believe that some (most) of the reported Facet failure is due to "knock-offs" being distributed/sold by bad actors. I...
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    Safari TSR Blues

    Yes. I was disappointed in wear pattern. I "flipped" those damned things (inboard to outboard on the wheels) at every other rotation to get 25k out of them.
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    Safari TSR Blues

    Yes sir ... both Kelly Springfield tires. The GYs seem more stable and, as you pointed out, the tread pattern is different / less noisy that the Safari.
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    Quick tip for those who have bypassed their glow plug relay

    That's how you know they're workin'!
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    Safari TSR Blues

    I'm running Goodyear Wranglers 315s. I ran Safari before ... GYs are nice and (relatively) quite, ride is good and traction is great.
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    That #$%^ serpentine belt chirp again!

    I fixed the chirp by cleaning the pulleys with brake cleaner and a wire brush.
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    Glowshift Gauges?

    "ISSPRO : auto / marine / diesel gauges, sensors, kits and instrumentation"