1. Kraig

    IH bus engine in 95

    Ok all, I have had terrible luck with my 95 F350. I have blown 2 engines in 2 years. I did install a PHP with canned tunes a couple of years before the first engine had problems but it stayed on the 50hp tune. I don't think I ever put it in the highest tune even once. Here's the kicker, I don't...
  2. Kraig

    BILLOWING white smoke

    I have had an intermittent billow of white smoke while driving around. It would happen once a day maybe but right as I got off the interstate this morning after an hour it just let loose billowing white smoke. I did pull the injectors a few weeks ago so I though maybe an injector Oring. I pulled...
  3. AmboIDI

    7.3 IDI NA White smoke and misfiring on cold start and under load

    Hello fine petroleum burning strangers of the internet. Avid reader and first time poster here. Hoping that all you well seasoned folk can help a newbie out with a rather sticky issue I've encountered. I have a 1994 E350 Ambulance with a 7.3l IDI (relatively new to me) that recently started...

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