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Jan 16, 2021
Apr 10, 2005
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West coast
Machine shop mechanic for a major public utility

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Official GMM hand model, from West coast

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Jan 16, 2021
    1. 4drocket
      howdy im glen. ive read a lot of ur posts and just saw that u have the timing equipment needed? i know ur somewhere in CA im in fresno and go to LA often. just wanted to reach out as u well know how hard it is to find competent folks for these trucks. have a great holiday. [email protected]
    2. Augustin Garcia
      Augustin Garcia
      Hey I have 1994 Ford 7.3 IDI that needs dynamic timing and was wondering if you rented the tool anymore? I live in NC and would be willing to pay shipping in addition to a deposit. I would greatly appreciate your help or if you know anyone who rents these kent-moore meters. Thanks in advance.
    4. Jimrm
      I'm interested in renting your timing equipment. I've had the pump off my idi and need to set the timing. Thanks, Jim
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    5. Thoma156
      I'm looking for help getting a 92' 7.3 timed. I'm in the Portland area and don't mind driving to any state bordering Oregon if I have to. Anyone have a meter or know where I can go?
      1. 4PLAY WHEELS likes this.
    6. Jesse808
      Hey I have a pretty big diesel fuel leak around the lower part of my 7.3 idi diesel on the passenger side! I just recently replaced all my fuel injector lines and return lines so I was possibly thinking lift pump??
    7. Whisp
    8. Zephyr
      I saw in a past thread that you had extra stock of the IDI valley pan drain plugs located near the turbo grommet. Do you still have any, if so what is the cost? I am working on one that has had a brass plug to replace the correct plug.

      Secondly are you still doing timing meter rental?

    9. BajaJeeper
      Hey there, I'm back. did you miss me? I sold my old idi back in 08. I'm considering buying a 05 6.0 and trying to do some research on it. So far they look quite intimidating and expensive to maintain.
    10. Caleb Spencer
      Caleb Spencer
      Hello sir! I’m was reading from 2015 I’ve got a 1988 7.3 looking for the vrv was wondering if you possibly still had one? Thank you!
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    11. Zephyr
      Hi, I'm just checking to see if you have had any luck fixing timing meters. I'm looking for one to set my timing in Colorado. I did see a few shops in the timing registry thread. Thanks, Curt
    12. Pork_Chop50
      What brand/type of timing meters do you have for the "rental fleet"? There is a tool sale coming up and if I can get a decent timing meter reasonable I will be purchasing.
    13. Macrobb
      Hey, you asked me to PM you about connecting rods. I created a 'conversation' with you... is that what you do on this forum to PM someone?
    14. Mr Clickety Clackety
      Mr Clickety Clackety
      How do I send a private message? Pm
    15. thendrix
      Ok thanks for the reply
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    West coast
    Machine shop mechanic for a major public utility
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    Interested in helping others learn about these trucks

    Family first, then my truck and work


    89 SRW crewcab, Banks Sidewinder Turbo, 8 speed BTS E4OD with a Gear Vendors, Shifts smooth and positive with any load on it:sly. Triple disc torque converter has 150 square inches of friction material, stock has just 25 square inches of material.Transcold Carrier pump helping out Moose Pump and just loven it. 4 inch Straight piped, hydroboost with a 1 5/16 inch master cylinder. 7.3 turbo upgraded motor, ported heads, intake & exhaust manifolds. ARP studs. Block sleeved on all 8. Mahle turbo pistons milled, are 24 to 26 thousands above the deck, then ceramic coated with Tech Line CBX. Line bored and balanced. Decked block. Each piston is 1/4 and 1/3rd gram of each others weight. "BB" injectors. Custom Rodney Red aluminum radiator and running cool. Now it needs my new Hypermax intercooler to help out the famous Moose Pump and a set of Moose Injecters thrown in just for giggles...Double FatMat inside of the crewcab... Nice and quiet too...;Sweet