Who’s running wmo on a 12 valve ?

Discussion in 'BioDiesel & Alternative Fuels' started by kevstar1212, Apr 16, 2018.

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    I’m looking to get a truck with the intent on running wmo. I already have the fuge setup and used to run it in a 12 valve p pump. I had issues with it coking injectors. It ran great on my mix but it seemed to always haze and stink. Also it had bigger injectors in the truck. I’m looking for a IDI, but my buddy has a really clean first gen VE pumped 12valve he wants to get rid of. Just curious if anybody has any expiernace running WMO on these trucks ? It has bigger injectors in it but I think I would probably just return it back to stock.

    What’s your guys opinions? I’ve never had a IDI and I have had quite a few cummins. I’m much more familiar with then.

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