So what did you do with your truck today?

Ole BlackBetty

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Jun 23, 2012
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Norman, Oklahoma
I drove mine into town after work. It was nothing special, but I had a funny thing happen on the way. It was 53* outside and raining so I turned on the heater. About 15 miles down the road, I was thinking that it seemed a little chilly in there and the bottom corners of the windshield were fogging up. I put mu hand over the defrost vents and didn't feel any heat. I thought WTH? The heat is turned almost all the way up and STILL nothing? Then it dawned on me that the shut off valves for the heater core were still bypassing it. I pulled over as soon as I got the chance and switched them back to run coolant through the heater core and it sure didn't take very long to have to turn the heat back down. Kind of amazing how that works.cookoo
I have a spigot on mine to turn the water on and off.


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Aug 8, 2021
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Hauled a load from our house and shop we just sold. six hours to my papas place for storage It wasnt a bonified Mississippi load but it was pretty close to it haha. Had her packed down pretty good. No clue what she would have weighed. But it got the truck running pretty warm. All the way up to the A on the “normal” on the gauge. But the motor ran strong the whole time. The bigger problem was my tranny. It got really hot. Might have had something to do with running down the highway in OD at 70 miles an hour with a laod hehe. Know not to do that but I was in a time crunch and didn’t really want to go slow and don’t care about the transmission since I’m doing my Zf5 swap on Monday. But about an hour and a half out my OD started acting up. Big suprise So I was back to doing 50 anyway. Hit really heavy blinding rain. Every body else pulled off the road so I had the whole highway to myself. Sitting there drivin on a road I can’t see eating chicken tenders with one hand and driving with the other My wipers don’t work and no rain ex. So was running blind. Bad hail too. Luckily no dints in the truck. After the tranny started overheating I pulled off at a gas station to cool off. Dropped the trailer and had my dad who was behind me hook up to it and tow it the rest of the way. Once it cooled off and without the trailer it ran like normal the rest of the way. Made it there and got the bed unloaded. Now I’m sitting down to supper. Been a long week. And will be another long one. Have used this truck to haul countless loads of stuff. Has really saved our bacon money-wise
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