Retrofit CP4 to a CP3 on and LML


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Mar 28, 2019
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Central Coast California
I had my turbo fail due to non functioning veins on my 2013 LML. The shop that changed the turbo is pretty well known for doing the 50 state legal CP3 conversion on LML engines and they recommended since we were almost all the way there we should just replace the pump since it has 160,000 miles on the pickup. Figuring I got one of the good ones, and it has performed just fine, I still went ahead with the replacement as we are getting ready for an Alaskan Hiway trip next year. I will say since the turbo and pump replacement the pickup runs great and it's doing a lot less "idle up and down" regen stuff. With the new turbo and pump my mileage came back up where it was when the pickup was new. Meaning 21-22 on the hiway solo ad 11-13 pulling a 7000 pound trailer.